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    Buy a t-shirt, send a Bible!

    Grab a one family t-shirt and send a Bible to the Middle East! Available in guys and girls fits. Just £13...
  • Article

    Mike Pilavachi spills the beans!

    "Ultimately God is looking for us to express our love for him by obeying him"...
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    New vid: Drowning in front of our eyes

    Two years on and many across Iraq can't go home. Watch this powerful video with stories of need, defiance and hope...
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    Will you walk with them?

    Do a sponsored walk to journey with Christians from Iraq and Syria that have lost everything due to war and terror. Free leader pack and downloads this way...
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    Would you walk away?

    Are we embarrassed by our Dad's bad jokes? What about our faith in Jesus?
Do Something

Speak up now!

Three simple and quick ways you can use your voice to speak up for persecuted Christians now!

Advocates 2016-2017

Go beyond the theory. Serve your persecuted family. Spend 10 months on our Advocate programme...


Will you walk with them?


We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.