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    Give a gift worth giving this Christmas!

    Don't get your Secret Santa some naff cheap present! Help a persecuted child on their behalf instead...
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    Join our real life nativity scene in London!

    Dress up like Mary or Joseph and help us deliver 600,000 signatures to Parliament!
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    Send a Christmas message of hope

    Abdu is 15. He's a Christian from the Middle East who needs your encouragement...
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    Advent: The wait

    Do you embrace the wait for Christmas or wish you could open all your presents now?
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    All new Blackout tees!

    Amplify their silence. Wear out the message. Get yours for just £16 including postage.
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Iraq: Noeh visits the UN

Thanks for signing! Noeh is about to deliver over 800,000 signatures from the Hope for the Middle East campaign to the UN!
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Send hope this Christmas

Write, draw or film a message to let 15 year-old Abdu know he's not alone this Christmas...


We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.