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Make a big noise for persecuted Christians by keeping quiet!

Blackout 2016 is over! Hundreds, if not thousands, of us went silent online between 18th-20th November to make a big noise in prayer for persecuted Christians in the Middle East!

We want to send a massive thank you to everyone who spent a few days in digital silence… you are all legends!

We’d love to hear how your Blackout went – what did you do, how did you cope, did God speak to you and what will you do now? Drop us a line at [email protected] to tell us how it all went! And, if you raised any money by getting sponsored to Blackout, then see below for ways to send in your funds!

Miss the Blackout? Want to get involved?

Did you miss out on the Blackout weekend? Don’t panic, you can do a Blackout whenever you like. Fill out the form below to sign up and get access to a whole bunch of resources to help you spend 48 hours off social networks, and in prayer!


Why go quiet?

Asmaa is from Mosul in Iraq. She was just 15 when she had to flee her home. She’d just had her birthday. She couldn’t take many of her new clothes or presents with her. She was gutted. When Muslim extremists from the so-called Islamic State went on a rampage, targeting Christians and other minorities, she and her family didn’t wait around. They left. And they left quickly.

“IS raided our house and took everything that was of value. We heard from our neighbors that the rebels threw our family photos in the street to get trampled on in the dust. It feels as if on that day all my hopes and dreams also got trampled on.”

With no future, Asmaa’s family have left Iraq. Like thousands of others they’ve left their country. They have no choice. They’ve been forced out, leaving friends, family and a whole life behind.

Asmara’s story is our story. We are family. We won’t be hushed up. We’ll stand up for the silenced. We’ll pray like we’ve never prayed before, spending time shouting, pleading and calling out to our Heavenly Father – the only one who can truly bring hope to the darkness.

So, put down the phone. Log out of Instagram and help us raise a massive noise before God! Could you and your mates pray non-stop for 12, 24 or 48 hours? With no phone to distract you anything is possible! Register and we’ll send email you some specially crafted prayer materials to help you set up a ‘Pray for ME’ prayer space and host a ‘Pray for ME’ gathering as part of your Blackout (we’ll even send you some stickers too)…

Send in your Blackout sponsorship money!

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Raising money with Blackout

Raised money through your Blackout? Thank you! Find out how best to send it to us here...

24 hours locked in a shed

Jonny reflects on what he learnt during his Blackout when he went hardcore and locked himself in a mate's shed for 24 hours...

Register and get a Blackout pack!

  • Thinking of doing a Blackout - good on you. Though you've missed the official 2016 weekend (dates for 2017 TBC) you can do a Blackout whenever you like! Fill out the form to let us know you're planning a weekend in digital silence and you'll get a bunch of links to some quality downloadable prayer and promotional resources.


Raise £100 and get a free tee!

We live our lives online these days, so ditching the phone and turning off Twitter is a proper challenge. Reckon you can do it for 48 hours? Go on then! Get sponsored to seal away your smartphone and instead make a noise to God in prayer. If you raise more than £100 then we’ll send you free ‘One Family’ t-shirt. You can wear it proudly to help make a noise about what you’ve done after your Blackout weekend! Set yourself a target to see if you can raise enough to achieve one of the following things:


Raising £70 could…

…provide 10 Bibles to give comfort to believers in the Middle East who have fled their homes or help new believers learn more about Jesus.


Raising £150 could…

…provide long-term leadership and discipleship training courses for up to 10 church leaders to strengthen them and enable them to build the church in the Middle East.


Raising £220 could…

…sustain a family in Syria through three months of winter with emergency food, medicines, blankets, and assistance with medical care and rent.

How to do a Blackout

Ok, so here’s the rules… It’s pretty simple. Blackout is a fast from the web, social media and your smartphone. It’s about switching off to make a big noise in prayer to God for those silenced for following Jesus. The point is to get rid of the distractions.So…

• No social networking
• No emails, texts, instant messaging
• No web streaming of games, TV or music (that means no Spotify)
• No browsing online

That’s it. Simples. You can make it more extremeand go fully quiet by choosing not to speak, limiting your diet, locking yourself away or you could even give up something else you really love too. But Blackout is essentially a challenge to stay silent online.

At the start of your fast, seal away your smartphone or tablet in a padded envelope and write the date and time you can re-open it on the envelope. Then walk away. Your Blackout has begun.


Blackout for 24-48 hours between 18-20 November 2016. The fast starts officially at 7pm on Friday 18th and ends at 7pm on Sunday the 20th. November 20th is the International Day of Prayer, so you’ll be joining with millions of people around the world raising a noise to God for their persecuted family (Although we’re advertising these dates you can do a Blackout whenever you like!).

Blackout Pray for ME Gathering

Blackout Pray for ME Gathering

Giving up social media doesn’t mean you have to give up hanging out with your mates! Organise a Blackout Pray For ME (Middle East!!) Gathering to spend time praying together, worshipping Jesus, connecting with your persecuted family and learning more from the Bible.

Check out our Blackout Pray For ME guide for a simple gathering outline with talk ideas, videos, suggested songs, prayers and stories. Register above and we’ll email it out to you!

Blackout Pray for ME spaces

Blackout Pray for ME spaces

If you’re doing Blackout on your own, or even as part of a group, why not set up a Pray for ME (Middle East, get it?!) prayer space?

Register and download the Blackout Pray For ME guide loads of prayer space ideas, including some Pray for ME posters you can stick up and use to inspire and focus your prayers!


Why I need to Blackout!

Luke needs a break from his phone and finds Blackout to be the perfect remedy...

Don't just give up!

"Blackout isn’t just about giving something up; it is about doing something different." Read why Emily is excited by her Blackout fast...

Blackout: Spread the word

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We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.