• Blackout

    Blackout 2018

    A whole weekend offline. Could you cope? Join the sponsored digital fast and support silenced, persecuted Christians.
  • Article

    Extended article: Social Me(dia)

    We caught up with our friend Laura Hancock from YFC, to get some much-needed wisdom and insight into how to be social online...
  • The Cost Mag

    All new Cost mag! Read now…

    The new Cost mag should be landing on your doorstep any day now, but here's a digital version, with articles on being available, social me(dia), Egypt, hearing God and memorising Scripture too!
  • Give

    Send a food and relief pack today…

    Just £10 can help to provide a week's worth of food and supplies for a family left with nothing due to war and terror...
  • Do Something

    Hang out with your persecuted family….

    Meet your amazing, persecuted church family this November...


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