• Choose to Lose

    Choose to Lose this Lent

    Give up something you love for all or part of Lent to raise money and prayer for Christians losing out because of their faith in Jesus. Sign up and get a free fundraising pack...
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    How are Open Doors Partners responding to the Earthquake?

    Tens of thousands have died, whole communities destroyed, but Open Doors partners are working to bring hope...
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    Experience a secret church in Central Asia

    Step into an underground church gathering. What would you say to encourage secret believers?
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    Where Christians risk it all for Christ…

    Check out the 2023 Open Doors World Watch list, a ranking of the most dangerous places in the world to be a Christian...
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    World Watch List 2023 Prayer Map!

    Order the all new interactive World Watch List 2023 prayer map...

Naomi's top ten tips to help you Choose to Lose

Naomi is losing her bed to raise money for Christians losing out because of their love for Jesus. Could you join the challenge? Here are some tips in getting started!

Risk Factor online quiz!

Think you're a risk taker? Think again! Take out online quiz and explore some of the riskiest places to be a Christian...


We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.