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    August activities: Week two – Speak you your MP now…

    Week two of our series of weekly activities to do throughout August. This week - write to your MP. Don't worry, it's much easier than it sounds (it'll take about a minute!)...
  • Do Something

    Stand with those who are last in line

    Four simple things you can do now (including a simple way to email your MP) to help Christians who are last in line because of the Covid-19 crisis...
  • Do Something

    Secret Church: Online edition!

    A new, free resource to help you and your group experience a secret church service over video chat! Sign up and get your copy here...
  • Give

    Covid-19 Crisis Appeal: Can you help?

    Raise money in the 2.6 Challenge or give to help provide vital aid to vulnerable Christians struggling during the lockdown...

Missing a festival or youth camp?

We're all gutted not to be going to some festivals and camps this summer, but if you're feeling nostalgic, check out this video about youth camps in Malaysia...

100,000 reasons to be thankful during the Covid-19 crisis

Watch this video to see how your support and prayers have helped 100,000 believers across Asia during the Covid-19 pandemic!


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