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    The World Watch List 2022

    Explore the places where Christians are facing the worst persecution...
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    Four things the persecuted Church taught us in 2021

    Check out some surprising lessons we learnt from the persecuted church in 2021 and see how even in the most dangerous places, God's goodness is still shining...
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    Choose to Lose in 2022

    Start 2022 right - commit to giving up something you love for a short time to raise money and prayer for those who have lost out because of their faith in Jesus.

The different types of persecution

Christians around the world face different types of persecution - as we launch the new World Watch List, get your head round what your Christian life would look like in another place...
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North Korea: Not on bread alone

Despite facing hunger and forced labour, Bae knows God's love is enough. Read about her incredible story and get an insight into the secret church in North Korea!


We support people who are beaten, tortured,
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