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    The toughest places to be a Christian

    We've just released the 2018 Open Doors World Watch Map - see some of the toughest places on the planet for followers of Jesus...
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    Must read: My life in seven verses

    Meet Mohammed, a secret Christian, asking his life to share the good news of Jesus...
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    Send a digital message of hope…

    Send a message to encourage a persecuted 15 year-old Christian in the Middle East...
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    All new Blackout tees!

    Amplify their silence. Wear out the message. Get yours for just £16 including postage.
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Iraq: Noeh visits the UN

Thanks for signing! Noeh is about to deliver over 800,000 signatures from the Hope for the Middle East campaign to the UN!

'Let them live to tell the story'

Pray for brothers Marco and Mina from Egypt were spared by extremist militants to tell the world of the brutality they had seen...


We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.