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    Blackout 2019!

    Get sponsored to go screen free for up to 48 hours! Raise money, prayer and awareness for silenced, persecuted Christian women and girls...
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    Study series: God can change you!

    If God can change and miraculously use a drug smuggling teenager from Colombia, don’t be surprised to hear that God can definitely change you and use you too...
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    T-Shirt Sale on now!

    All our t-shirts, including our Blackout and Guts and Courage ranges are now on sale! Just £8 a t-shirt... get them while stocks last!
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    New post: Seeing differently

    Is your vision blurred? Are you seeing the world through the right lens? Is it time to put down our screens for a little while and get a new, fresh focus?
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    See. Change with your small change!

    Get a free See. Change. money box and use your small change to raise money!

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