• Article

    Meet Sele: New video!

    “My best thing about Christmas is the dramas we watch in church and the songs we sing, and how they share Christmas gifts...”
  • Choose to Lose

    Choose to lose this Christmas!

    Lose a present off your Christmas list and ask for a donation to support a young person who has massively lost out because of their faith in Jesus.
  • News / Thoughts

    What’s Christmas like in North Korea?

    "North Korean secret believers can’t celebrate Christmas publicly. If their secret celebrations of Christmas are discovered, that can lead to their whole family being arrested.."
  • Article

    Farah’s story: ‘God will never leave us’

    New video. Home raided, Dad arrested. Threatened and spied on. Watch Farah's story and send her a message of hope now...

The wait

Do you embrace the wait for Christmas or wish you could open all your presents now?
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Brave Faith

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