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    Secret Church: Online edition!

    A new, free resource to help you and your group experience a secret church service over video chat! Sign up and get your copy here...
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    Isolated Church: Eight free reflections/sessions

    Stories, Bible studies, prayers and actions to help you (and your group) grow with God as come out of lockdown!
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    China: From fortune teller to faith

    “I woke from the dream and knew immediately that one of the men in white robes was Jesus". Read Amanda's amazing journey to faith!
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    Covid-19 Crisis Appeal: Can you help?

    Raise money in the 2.6 Challenge or give to help provide vital aid to vulnerable Christians struggling during the lockdown...
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    New, free maps and youth leader session…

    Get our free 2020 Open Doors Youth World Watch List map (with stickers), plus World Watch List youth session outline...

Missing a festival or youth camp?

We're all gutted not to be going to some festivals and camps this summer, but if you're feeling nostalgic, check out this video about youth camps in Malaysia...
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The 2.6 Challenge

Start a fundraising activity based around the numbers 26 or 2.6, set up a just giving page and start raising money! What could you do? 260 press ups? 26 minutes of yodelling? 26 hours in fancy dress? Sign up here...


  • Learn to pray

    If you want to use your most powerful weapon – prayer – then us the form above to order our free World Watch Map prayer resource, or head to the link below for latest prayer news and requests…

  • Ethiopia: School brings community together

    “In the past, I could not worship outside because I feared the Muslims. But now, I feel like I can do anything freely.”

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