• Blackout

    Blackout 2019!

    Get sponsored to go screen free for up to 48 hours! Raise money, prayer and awareness for silenced, persecuted Christian women and girls...
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    New Video: Worth it to walk with Jesus…

    “My eyes were closed in prayer, and I saw a light coming towards me - I felt that someone had opened my eyes.” Mohan shares his story in this new video...
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    T-Shirt Sale on now!

    All our t-shirts, including our Blackout and Guts and Courage ranges are now on sale! Just £8 a t-shirt... get them while stocks last!
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    New post: Seeing differently

    Is your vision blurred? Are you seeing the world through the right lens? Is it time to put down our screens for a little while and get a new, fresh focus?
  • See. Change.

    See. Change with your small change!

    Get a free See. Change. money box and use your small change to raise money!
The Cost Mag

The Cost

Read the latest Blackout edition of our little mini mag and get challenged about the way we pray...
Send Hope

Send hope

Send hope! Write a prayer or letter to someone who knows the cost of following Jesus!


We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.