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About us

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We’re well up for having lots of people writing thoughts, articles and reflections for our site. The point is that we’re a community all journeying together with God – we all have a passion to see God’s Church fulfil its mission around the world. We want to see the church shine as brightly as possible, bringing the hope, love and joy of Jesus to people everywhere – especially in places where followers of Jesus can’t live out their faith in freedom. It’s an exciting journey to be on, and we’re glad you’re with us!

So, if you’re keen to write for the site, then brill – here’s a few pointers to help get you started:

Our audience

We’re aiming our content at teenagers and young people from the UK, primarily somewhere between the 13-25 bracket. Be conscious of younger readers if you’re writing about potentially distressing stories.


300-600 words. This doesn’t have to be bang on, but we don’t want articles to be too lengthy as this can look a bit daunting on a webpage

Writing style

We want to be relational, so be yourself when writing. As some content can be dealing with some heavy issues we want to be hopeful and optimistic, and try to always convey a sense of fun – although we take the situations seriously we don’t take ourselves too seriously.


This is where it’s up to you. We have a few different ideas for themes you can write on, but generally it’s always good to read about where you’re at now: your journey with God, what you’re challenged by and how it’s being outworked in your daily life. Here are some ideas for articles we’ve commissioned recently, so ideas along similar lines would be ace (though don’t use these)!

  • 5 passages that might keep you going
  • 3 miracles of Jesus I want to see today!
  • 5 worship songs to pull you through when you’re down


This can be your take on something trending in the news, with a bit of a biblical twist. It could be anything from the harlem shake to homeless spikes, an international crisis to England’s world cup woes (some would say these are the same!)


You might want to write a review of a new Christian album or a film which touches issues of injustice. These are always good to add a bit of variety, but keep it positive! And don’t be afraid to go for something a bit obscure (so long as you’re not plugging your own stuff!)


If you have a really powerful story that you’d like to share this would be great! Could be an experience from the past that has changed something about you, maybe your attitude towards the persecuted church.

Ultimately, we want to engage readers with relevant, interesting and diverse content. Not all of our content has to be directly related to issues in the persecuted church, but our ultimate aim is to make young people aware that remembering persecuted Christians is important. We also want to cheer them on in their relationship with God, encouraging them to live for Jesus in their everyday lives. We hope this has been helpful for you and you feel inspired to get writing! We’re really excited for everything to come! Any questions, submissions and thoughts, email us below.

Please note: Submitted articles will be subject to an editing process and not all submitted articles will be used. We will get back to everyone who emails in though!

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.