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48 hours screen-free: How to cope

OK, so Blackout is coming up (25-27 October) and the thought of spending up to 48 hours away from your screens might seem pretty daunting. Calm down. Take a deep breath. You’ll be OK. Get inspired by your fave social network to get interacting in the offline world!


1. Poke someone

As on FB, make sure it’s someone you actually like, otherwise you might get in trouble. Do it gently too.


2. Get people to follow you

Go for a walk with a few mates and get them to follow you in one big line. Your friends can comment on what you’re doing, what you’re wearing and what you’re saying (it’s just like FB or Instagram but even more in the moment)!


3. Tweet convo

140 characters, that’s maybe three 3 sentences. It’ll take 20 seconds to say at best. Have a conversation where no-one can speak for more than 20 seconds without reply. Does it make sense? How does it effect what you say? See if you can order a coffee or introduce yourself to someone you don’t know!


4. Trophy case

Everyone loves unlocking a trophy on SnapChat, so make some real life awards. See if you or your mates can achieve the ‘Polaroid’ (a person who takes photos on a film camera – remember them?), the ‘Mime’ (a person who spends an hour not talking, but still communicating effectively) or the ‘Caption King’ (a person who goes around captioning real life moments, objects and people with written comments on Post-It notes – LOL!)

Ready to take on the challenge?

Join the Blackout this weekend and spend a few days in digital silence, praying and speaking up for persecuted Christians around the world!

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.