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Blessed are the risk takers

Blessed are the risk-takers,
The rebels and the rule-breakers.
Blessed are the grieving and the broken,
Blessed are the brave and the outspoken.

One of the riskiest things you can do is to choose to follow Jesus. You might have heard that in a talk – and it’s true. Jesus calls us to deny ourselves, to lay down our self-interest, to serve and bless others, showing them God’s love and hope.

That’s risky. But there’s another level to the risks – following Jesus can truly cost everything.

Today, 360 million Christians around the world are risking it all, simply for choosing Jesus: brave risk-takers who face violence, exclusion, rejection, insults, prison – and sometimes even death – just because they believe in Him.

Jesus says, ‘Blessed are the persecuted’ (Matthew 5:10).

Watch this new spoken word film with Joshua Luke Smith (words by Nick Page) to be inspired to take more risks in your walk with Jesus.

This film contains footage of real persecution and re-enacted scenes of persecution based on true stories that some may find distressing.

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We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.