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I’ve found peace!

Sharing Jesus can seem scary or intimidating. But we just have to follow God’s lead and be available. That’s what these young Christians from East Africa learnt when they simply stopped a man and asked what he was doing… Check out the story for the incredible results!

Travelling home from an Open Doors seminar in East Africa, Christian students saw a young Muslim man tying a rope around a tree.

They stopped, and asked what he was doing.

“I want to kill myself,” he replied. “I say my prayers five times a day, and I read the Quran.”

“I have money, a wife and children, but I have no peace. I want peace. That is my one big wish.”

“I have money, a wife and children, but I have no peace. I want peace. That is my one big wish.”

The students witnessed to the man named Keder, telling him that even though the Quran teaches that Jesus is a prophet, He is also the Prince of Peace.

Keder followed the students to church where they prayed together.

The next day Keder came along to the Open Doors seminar. In this dangerous country, the course leader was a little nervous about the Muslim intruding on their meeting, until the man stood up and gave his testimony.

“I’ve found the peace I was seeking,” Keder said.

“Until now, Islam was the only genuine religion for me because it was straightforward. I studied the Quran for five years, and I did my rituals daily, but none of that gave me peace, so I decided to kill myself. Then I met Christians yesterday, and everything changed. Muslims are hurting without the knowledge of the Scriptures, therefore pray for them.”

Image: Believers from Muslim backgrounds gather together in East Africa.

Keder is now secretly studying the Bible, and attending church. He is the first Muslim in his area to accept Christ. The peace of Jesus has made Keder unafraid and wanting to witness to his Muslim brothers. He is even prepared to die for Jesus.

As a response, think about how you can follow God’s lead in simple ways. Stop and ask someone what they are doing, or how they are feeling. Keep it simple, but start a conversation and see where it goes!!

A version of this article first appeared in ‘Frontline Faith’ the magazine of our mates down under, Open Doors Australia.

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