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Keeping going

One of the things that we can struggle with most in our walk with Jesus is to simply keep going. There’s so many distractions, so many choices and decisions that steal our time, our commitment or even our passion. But one of the things that we at Open Doors always find inspiring is the ability of our brothers and sisters in the persecuted church who just carry on.

They are faithful despite trauma, pain and loss. When the world throws an unjust bunch of rubbish at them, many simply keep going. What’s more, is that many might not have been Christians long, they might have no real Bible knowledge or training – all they have is their relationship with Jesus, and for many that is enough to get them through the hardest trials.

Have a read of Ajay’s story below to be inspired to keep going in your faith…

Ajay’s story

Ajay is from India, he was born into a poor Hindu family. He parents couldn’t afford to look after him when he was young, so they sent him to live with his grandparents. During that time he became a Christian, after one of his cousins told him about Jesus. He was just 13 at the time.

Not long after, Ajay’s mum died. He returned to live with his Dad. One day his Dad saw Ajay reading the Bible and realized he had become a Christian. He became really angry. He beat Ajay severely. He was the oldest son of the family and local tradition would expect that Ajay would sacrifice to the Hindu Gods.

Ajay’s father was desperate for his son to come back to Hindu faith, so when he was just 16, he arranged for Ajay to marry a Hindu girl. But the plan backfired. After living with Ajay for a few months, his young wife also chose to follow Jesus.

This just made things worse between Ajay and his father. The family started to distance themselves from Ajay and his wife – they wouldn’t eat with them and they lived on opposite sides of the same house.

His four younger brothers got involved and threatened to him kill him unless he reconvert to Hinduism. Ajay and his wife were not home on the day they came to fulfill their threats. Instead, they threw all of Ajay’s things outside the house. Ajay and his wife had to leave – they were now homeless.

Despite all the rejection, despite the intimidation and despite the hatred, Ajay says “God is blessing me in countless ways!”.

Ajay’s inlaws offered no help. Even Ajay’s grandparents refused to get involved. They’ve now found a small room to live in, but the stigma attached to them by other villagers makes life very hard. When Ajay’s wife goes to the village well to collect water, people refuse her access because they know she is a Christian. The couple are just one of three Christian families In a community of 200.

Ajay is now 21. He has a son. For the eight years he has been a Christian, he has never gone a day without some form of persecution. But he’s not put off from following Jesus. Despite all the rejection, despite the intimidation and despite the hatred, Ajay says “God is blessing me in countless ways!”.

Ajay stepped out. He’s risked it all, family, security, home and the rest for Jesus. And what’s more he still faces all that and continues to step out and choose Jesus. What a legend. Will you choose to do the same?

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.