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Life-giving Word

By Kate Millar

Lately, I’ve been so excited about reading my Bible. So many people underestimate its power and don’t realise that we can meet God and hear His voice between the pages of the Bible.

Last summer, I decided to read a chapter of the gospel each day and then write in my journal what I learnt and how I could apply it to my life. I tried to think about how the stories related to me and unpicked the parables to understand what God was saying.

I’ll be honest, it was difficult at first. The Bible can seem so daunting and obscure at times – a feeling I know is shared by many. But don’t give up. Seriously. If you just persevere and pray that God will reveal what He wants through the Bible, amazing things will happen! I can totally testify to that! It says in Hebrews 4:12, “For the word of God is alive and active.” That is so true! It’s amazing because I find so often that I come across Bible verses that are so applicable to what I’m going through right now. I read what I need to hear because God knows what I need to hear and says it in His word!

“I found myself looking at people with more hope, love and compassion…”

The Bible is the way that God can transform us into the people He calls us to be: as I read the Bible each morning, I felt the truth of God’s love and of Jesus’ sacrifice and of my worth solidifying in my heart. It was quite a subtle change, but my thoughts were more on Him throughout the day and I found myself looking at people with more hope, love and compassion, and looking at the world around me with wonder and gratitude for God’s beautiful creation.

The Bible is the place I turn to for wisdom (Proverbs is especially good!), and a place I turn to for peace (the Psalms are good for that). The Bible is where I go to become inspired and excited about what amazing things God can do through us (Acts is particularly exciting!) and to figure out God’s unique plan for my life!

I just get so hyped when I read the Bible because that is where God speaks to us – we can simply pray “God, what will you tell me today” as we open our Bibles, and we will hear His words! It is so important, it assures us of our place in this world, our relationship with God and how we can spread the love with others. It is the truth we cling to when lies are thrown at us from all angles – it is unchanging and unfailing truth.

It’s such a big book and it’s bursting with things God wants to say to you! It can be overwhelming but I urge you to even read one verse a day; there are so many good resources too (apps, devotionals etc.) that pick out relevant and inspiring verses. It will amaze you how God can fill you with the Holy Spirit when you just soak in His words for a bit.

But the sad thing is that this life-changing book – that is alive and works through our hearts and lives – is banned and restricted in many countries (for example, North Korea). That means that there are Christians around the world who can’t get a hold of God’s words that God wants them to hear – that they need to hear!

But what’s great is that Open Doors smuggles Bibles to these countries where God’s Word is banned so Christians there can grow in their faith and be filled with the spirit, despite the barriers they face as persecuted Christians. If you want to give persecuted Christians all over the world the chance to read God’s Word, you can donate here one here (and get a free t-shirt in the process!!)

The Author
Kate is 16 years old and lives in Edinburgh. She's always loved writing and wants to write to encourage and inspire positive action in the world. She has a blog ( - check it out...

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