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Sixty second stories

We all love a good story, and the best don’t have to be too long. Check out these three sixty second stories to inspire your walk with Jesus. As you read, say a quick prayer for each of the people and the situations they face.

Story one: Madina

15-year-old Madina* wanted to end her life. She grew up as a Muslim in a very dysfunctional family. She had a lot of anger towards her father, who was an alcoholic and very cruel man. Madina saw no future for herself, believing nobody loved her, she no longer wanted to live. But God sent her cousin to invite her to a camp, sponsored by Open Doors. There, the leaders listened to Madina’s story and explained to her how much God loves her. She was so deeply moved that she gave her heart to Jesus. Madina forgave her father saying, “My heavenly Father forgave me for my sins. Now I believe that I am important to God; He made me uniquely.”

My previous life was full of darkness; Today I see the light of Jesus…

Story two: Renat

Renat, a drug addict found Jesus in a Christian rehabilitation centre. He explains, “When I visited the Rehabilitation Centre for the first time, I could not believe that someone would be interested in my useless life. People working in this centre used to be drug addicts themselves… God began to change my heart step by step… Jesus literally saved me. He saved my soul on the cross and he saved me from my drug addiction… My previous life was full of darkness; Today I see the light of Jesus… Today is full of joy and the hope of eternal life.””

Pastor Dmitry* has an outreach to alcoholics and drug addicts in the basement of his church building. Open Doors partners with churches in persecuted areas in a variety of ministries to strengthen and grow the church.

Story three: Pastor Rodrigo

The most notorious criminal in the city came to kill Pastor Rodrigo and his family. When Rodrigo dropped to his knees and prayed, the man became confused. Being unable to find his weapon, the man departed. Days later, the man returned and broke into Rodrigo’s house. When Rodrigo saw him, the man threw himself on the ground and with tears begged Rodrigo for forgiveness. Rodrigo paused and thought about all the people this man had killed and abused, then, in that moment he chose to forgive. He lifted the weeping criminal off the floor and embraced him, and then led him to receive Jesus. That day the most notorious criminal in the city received Jesus as his Lord and Saviour!

* Names of all those involved have been changed for security purposes

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.