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This is their home

Eight years of war has has taken its toll in Syria. While cities have been devastated, millions have fled and been displaced, tens of thousands have been killed. But some chose to remain – like Pastor Abdalla in Aleppo.

Watch this video to learn more about he and his church stepped up and starting bringing hope in the midst of conflict and violence.

Pastor Abdalla helped establish a ‘Centre of Hope’ in Aleppo, a place which provides training, distributes food, runs youth and children’s activities, teaches English, disciples new believers, provides business loans and runs marriage and parenting courses. There are now 16 similar centres across Syria, and they simply would not be possible with your prayers, fundraising and gifts! So thank you!

Pray now…

Heavenly Father, we ask for Your peace in Syria. Bring an end to war and violence there, that Your people may flourish. Be with all those who have no place to call home. Strengthen Your church, our family, that they may continue to bring Your hope to their communities. Be with Pastor Abdalla and others running Centres of Hope across the country. Give them the resources they need and help these centres become places of light and transformation where many come to know and love you. Amen.

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