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True value

By Naomi Allen

Do you know how much money is spent on advertising? Millions of pounds spent on making us think that we need more stuff, that we aren’t good enough. Did you know it’s all lies? And let’s be real, we’ve all fallen for it – we’ve all bought something thinking it will make us more cool / attractive / fun / accepted / etc… but deep down you know the truth, it doesn’t work.

We live in a world which will actively lie to us. We live in a world which is living to a different standard. If you’re a Christian, we are called to live listening to God’s voice as he speaks the truth we are desperate to hear. God speaks truth.

We are valuable because the God who created us has given us value.

The Bible is one of the key ways we can learn about what God says and hear his truth. His truth that we are wonderfully and fearfully made, the truth that you and me are valuable; not because of what we look like, or how smart we are, or how good we are at football. We are valuable because the God who created us has given us value. His truth tells us that being successful is not about being popular or earning loads of money. God’s success is to love and serve those around us – amazingly when we do these things we actively feel better about ourselves!

Maybe you are realising that you need more truth in your life – if so we want to help you out! That’s why we have created Hidden Word. A pack aimed at getting God’s truth into your heart.

The Author
Naomi Allen leads the Youth Team at Open Doors UK & Ireland. She's been working with young people for over a decade and loves seeing young people grow in faith and confidence in becoming who God’s calling them to be. When not at a youth festival or event you can find her in IKEA drinking the free coffee.

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