Meet Damaris…

Damaris is an incredible lady. She’s from Nigeria. Back in March 2010, her husband was killed in anti-Christian riots. He was trying to help a blind man get home safely when he was attacked.

Listen to her tell some of her story below…

After the death of her husband, Damaris was left with four children, no source of income and a growing bitterness towards her husbands’ killers. With no money, she faced an impossible future. She couldn’t provide for her family alone.

Gradually, with the help of Open Doors, she managed to get her life back together. She started a small business selling firewood and charcoal. She’s come through it and is now even speaking up for other victims of violent persecution. God stepped in. She has an income, a fresh faith and new hope.

But the real miracle is that Damaris has learnt to forgive. Villages and towns in Northern Nigeria have suffered devastating attacks from Boko Haram extremists. Churches have been burnt, many Christians have been killed. But she stands as a miracle of forgiveness.

She says: “If I do not forgive, the Lord Jesus will never forgive me. So I have forgiven and God will help me to love everybody. It is not easy, but it is God that will give us grace and love.”



Be inspired by Damaris’ story: Say ‘Yes’ to God!

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