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There goes the fear

Earlier in the year we sat down with our good friend Krish Kandiah (a theological mastermind, President of London Bible College, founder of Home for Good and general all round top chap) for a chat on sharing our faith and overcoming the fears we have with telling others about Jesus.

Have a watch of the video below and then look through some of the questions…

Your response…

1. Krish talks about being open and not afraid to share our faith. But what fears do you have of telling others about Jesus? Make a list, and spend some time asking God to help you put those fears aside, one by one.

2. We all mess up. We might not have stood up for our faith when our mates asked us about it, or we might have just joined the crowd, doing, saying and acting in ways we know aren’t right. As Krish highlights, the story of Peter can encourage us. He denied Jesus three times, but Jesus reinstated him (John 21:15-19), giving him incredible responsibility (Peter became the first leader of the church). Whatever our background, whatever our history, the grace of God is sufficient for us and can give us a different future!

3. Krish says the more he tries to share his faith, the more real it becomes. Think about your own story and journey with God. How would you summarise it. Write it out. Remember the times God answered your prayers or was there in a time of need. Thank him for those times, and build your own faith by remembering God’s goodness and love to you. When opportunities to share come, remember what you’ve written and share it!

4. Spend a few minutes asking the Holy Spirit to give you boldness and courage as you share your faith with others. Pray for simple opportunities to show – and tell – people about God’s love. Pray that your fears would reduce as your confidence in God’s love and goodness grows.

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