• Send a message of hope this Christmas!

    Daniela’s dad was shot and killed by powerful drug gangs. He was a pastor and he was helping people find freedom from their drug addictions and a new life with Jesus. The gangs didn’t like this, so they took his life. Could you send Daniela and young Christians like her a message of hope and encouragement this Christmas?

    Because of her family’s belief in Jesus, Daniela has lost her dad. This is tragic, especially at Christmas.

    Last year, when Daniela and her brother were struggling with the loss of their dad, Open Doors partners invited them to spend some time over Christmas at a special children’s centre and school. The family received an amazing welcome – Daniela said: “I was so surprised to see all of them, singing a welcome to us. It made me feel so good. I was really happy to be surrounded by so many loving people.” And Open Doors partners have helped the family move to a safer area, providing a new home and opportunities for them all to flourish.

    Daniela says: “It is very important to know that this Christmas there are people around the world praying for me and my family. I am very grateful for that, because I see that God works through these prayers.”

    Could you send a message of hope to Daniela and other children from the children’s centre?

    Download our Christmas decoration template, print it off and write a message to send to Daniela and other young people from the children’s centre.

    Download the template here…

    Message tips:

    • Keep it simple, write a short Bible passage, song lyric or prayer.
    • Let them know you are praying for them
    • Sign the message with your first name and which country you are from (UK or Ireland).
    • And please don’t mention Open Doors. 

    Want to write something in Spanish, or write to a specific child at the children’s centre? Check out the tips here…

    Where do I send the cards?
    Pop your card in an envelope and send it to us at
    PO Box 6
    OX29 6WG

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  • Finding Family this Christmas

    Share this Christmas with your persecuted family

    Christmas is going to be a bit different this year. Because of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, we’re facing limitations on gatherings, festive services and parties. Sadly, we might not be able to get together with the usual groups of friends and family. So, maybe this year, we’re able to identify just a little bit more with those Christians around the world who can’t openly celebrate Christmas. Christians who know the cost of following Jesus, but still choose Him.

    Here you’ll find three ways you can share this Christmas with your persecuted family.

    Below you can download two free youth/small group session outlines, use our star template to send a Christmas message of hope to young people in Colombia and also make a donation that you can give to a friend or loved one as a Christmas pressie (and print off a certificate for them)! Before you get started, check out Bijli and Daniela’s stories in the videos below!

    Do Something

    Finding family this Christmas

    Download two free adaptable and lockdown friendly sessions to use in youth and small groups to connect with the Christmas story and your persecuted family this Christmas!
    Send Hope

    Send a message of hope this Christmas!

    Send a message to Daniela and other young people at the children's home in Colombia to bring hope and joy this Christmas!

    Send a Christmas Gift

    Send a Christmas gift to a young Christian facing persecution as a present for a loved one. Download a certificate to give your loved one in a card...
  • Last in Line

    COVID-19 particularly impacts the most vulnerable. Right now, across the world, persecuted Christians – already poor, marginalised, threatened and discriminated against – have a new vulnerability: finding they are the last in line as the pandemic strikes.

    Christians are facing discrimination in the distribution of aid; Christian nurses have been given COVID-19 patients and denied PPE; religious minorities are being blamed for the pandemic and extremists are exploiting vulnerable Christians in lockdown.

    So what can you do?

    There’s four things you can do now to help.

    1. Email your MP. Ensure that the UK Government implements mechanisms that protect persecuted Christians on the frontline by emailing your MP using this simple form. It’ll only take a minute and will automatically find your MP and email them for you. Do it to ask those in power to speak up on behalf of vulnerable Christians around the world who are last in line.

    2. Give or raise money to help. You can give now or sign up to do an awesome fundraising challenge to help get vital aid to Christians who are last in line. Every £14 could mean a Rapid Response team can courageously bring emergency aid to a persecuted believer.

    3. Share what is happening. Post this infographic on your social feeds and share with friends and followers that in many places around he world, Christians are last in line. Use the #thelastinline and tag us (@opendoorsyouth).

    4. Share an image of a cross and an empty plate on social media (like the one below). Take a photo of you holding an empty plate and wearing a cross to highlight that Christians are last in line (you don’t have to add text to the image). Your images (if public) will be shared with the UK Government to show the scale of support for our persecuted photo. Share your photo, tagging @OpenDoorsyouth, your MP and #TheLastInLine

  • Explore

    Learn more about the places where Christians face the worst persecution. Discover what that means, read inspiring stories of brave faith and get prayer points to help bring about change…

  • We support people who are beaten, tortured,
    imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.