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    Persecuted Christians often have to give up everything to follow Jesus: their families, homes, jobs, friends, freedoms and, sometimes, even their lives. Could you give up something you love for a short time (the length is up to you) and ask people to sponsor you, raising much-needed funds for our persecuted church family?

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    • A youth/small group session to help you introduce Choose to Lose to your group
    • Creative and interactive prayer ideas

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  • Choose to Lose

    Choose to Lose is a new fundraising challenge. The idea is simple: get sponsored to give up something you love for a short time to raise money and prayer for young Christians around the world who, in choosing Jesus, have lost nearly everything.

    Choose to Lose in three simple steps…

    1.Choose to lose: Sign up!

    What do you love? Your x-Box, your bed, phone, chocolate, fast food, Instagram, listening to music, sport, playing guitar, watching telly? Could you get sponsored to give it up for a short time to stand with those who have to give up everything to follow Jesus? Sign up now and we’ll send you an awesome pack to help you lose what you love!

    2.Raise money, prayer and awareness…

    Set up a JustGiving page to raise money and support young Christians around the world who have lost family, home, friends, safety and freedom because of their love of Jesus. We’ll send you resources to help you raise money, and to also reflect, pray and tell others what you are doing and why!

    3. Lose what you love…

    Choose how long! Some have gone a day, 48 hours a week or even 6 weeks throughout Lent! Join with hundreds of others by giving up something you love to stand with those prepared to lose everything for their faith in Jesus. Get inspired to live out your faith with greater courage and conviction!

    What your money could achieve…

    By getting sponsored to lose what you love you could raise money to achieve some amazing things for Christians who have lost out because of their faith in Jesus.

    • Every £7 could enable a woman to attend empowerment training.
    • Every £20 could provide a widow with a loan to buy seeds for crops and other farming equipment so that she can become self-sufficient.
    • Every £60 helps provide access to a safe house for a believer fleeing extreme persecution.
    • £144 could provide a kit of clothes and blankets to help two persecuted families survive the upcoming winter.
    • £346 could provide immediate trauma care for a woman in Nigeria who has been persecuted.

    Set a target and see what your money could achieve…

    Be a loser…

    On your own…

    Spend a short time going without something you love! Sign up now, kick-start your fundraising by setting up a Justgiving page and share it with your friends and family. Post the Choose to Lose image we send you to your social profiles and tell the world you’re a loser! Challenge three other people to lose what they love and join the challenge too (nominate them and tag them on your post). Your friends and family will be rallying around to support you in no time!

    As a group…

    It might seem a bit daunting to lose the one thing you love on your own, so why not encourage your youth group, CU, small group or even church to take on the Choose to Lose Challenge with you? We’re producing some special leader downloads so you can scale up the challenge. Set up a prayer room, run a prayer event and spend time together doing some fundraising activities (ideas are all in the pack we’ll send you). And of course, you can still get sponsored – set up a group Justgiving page and ask your friends, family and church to support you!

    Why lose what you love?

    Pradip*, a Hindu teenager from Nepal, mocked his sister for becoming a Christian. But then he visited a church with a friend, and that same night he saw a flash of intense light in his room. Confused, he started looking for answers, which he eventually found in Jesus.

    For Pradip, it was a winning choice, even though it meant being disowned by his parents, kicked out of home and forced to leave their village. Pradip, like many others, knows that choosing Jesus means losing much. But he knows it also means gaining a future with Jesus, something so precious, it’s more than worth the cost.

    Could you be inspired by young people like Pradip, and choose to lose something you love to raise money and prayer for Christians who have lost everything because of their faith in Jesus?

    “Our youth group … were given an insight into how it feels to be denied something… they were really challenged by the stories of people who have given up everything for Jesus. They were left grateful, humbled and motivated to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ facing persecution around the world.”

    Laura, leader at Mettle Youth Group, Lisburn Cathedral

    Up for the Choose to Lose challenge?

    Sign up today to lose what you love and we’ll send you an awesome Choose to Lose pack in the post featuring…

    • A Choose to Lose planning guide with simple steps to help you plan, prepare and promote your fundraiser
    • A reflection guide with stories to read and share, prayers to pray and actions to do during your challenge
    • An awesome Choose to Lose sticker set to wear or stick on what you’ve given up!

    Plus you’ll also get access to a bunch of downloads to help you lose what you love including:

    • A bunch of images to post on your social profiles
    • Links to setting up an easy JustGiving page to help you get sponsors and raise money
    • A youth/small group session to help you introduce Choose to Lose to your group
    • Creative and interactive prayer ideas

  • Walk With Them India

    Walk With Them this summer as you journey with your brothers and sisters in India. Connect with your persecuted family as you learn their stories, become inspired by their brave faith and pray with them for change, hope and peace. ​

    Walk with your family in India

    Walk With Them this summer as you journey with your brothers and sisters in India. Connect with your persecuted family as you learn their stories, become inspired by their perseverance and pray with them for change, hope and peace. ​

    About the challenge​

    The idea is simple. Go on a sponsored walk to bring urgent Covid relief aid to Christians in India. Choose your location, and your distance. Walk alone, with friends, your youth group or even your whole church.​

    Sign up to get access to our simple one page planning guide, plus a Walk guide with stories, prayers, reflections and actions you can undertake during your walk.

    It’s easy to join in, just follow these steps

    • Sign up to join the challenge​
    • Plan your walk​ (choose a distance and location)
    • Join the team fundraising page​ on Justgiving
    • Spread the word​
    • Get walking

    What about a walk relay?

    You could even do a walk relay as part of a youth group and try and walk a serious amount of miles over the course of a summer! Could you collectively reach one of these goals?

    • 4,159 miles: the distance from London to Dehli
    • 1,977 miles: the distance between the most northerly and southerly points of India
    • 1,822 miles: the distance between the most easterly and westerly points of India
    • 831 miles: the distance between Delhi and Mumbai, the two biggest cities in India

    How you’ll be making a difference​

    Vinita* was savagely attacked in her own home by Hindu extremists. They burst in, shouting “Where are the Christians? We don’t want Christians here!” ​

    “I felt that today we would not be spared,” says Vinita. Miraculously, she and other Christians all survived – but, at the hospital, doctors refused to treat them because of their faith. Thankfully, local Open Doors partners were able to get them medical care – and are helping Vinita’s family during Covid-19, as they lost their livelihood in lockdown.​

    Every £60 you raise could give urgent Covid relief aid and help with medical costs to a victim of violence or a believer who has lost their livelihood through the pandemic. ​

    So, get walking.

    Sign up using the form on the right (desktop) or below (mobile) to get access to the special downloads and links to what to do next!

    *Name changed for security

    Sign up to Walk With Them

    Other ways you can help Christians in India…

    1. Email the Minister for Asia

    Fill out this simple form to send a brief email (that you can edit) to the UK government’s Minister for Asia, asking him to work with other global leaders to stand up for Christians and other religious minorities in India who are facing increasing persecution. It’ll take just two minutes, but could have a big impact.

    2. Download the NANO Truth or Lie session outline

    We’ve written a special NANO session outline that leaders can use with youth and small groups to help them understand some of the lies that are being told about Christians in India. Includes a video story, Bible reflection and activities.

  • Send a message of hope to Farah

    When the authorities discovered that Farah’s* dad was a Christian he was taken away by the secret police. Farah, along with her mum and sister, were left to clear up their flat, not knowing if her dad would ever come home. Whilst her dad was eventually bailed and released, the family’s faith in Jesus meant the police were always watching. For their safety, Farah and her family have had to flee the home and country they love.

    No believer should face persecution alone. Could you write to Farah and send her some words of hope and encouragement. Could you let her know that they are not alone and that you’re praying for her?

    When Farah’s* dad was arrested he was asked to provide names of other Christians. The police told him that Farah could be put in prison if he didn’t do what they asked. But with remarkable bravery, he refused. Amazingly he was later released without charge, as long as he didn’t resume any evangelistic activities – otherwise his sentence would be death.

    But Farah’s dad couldn’t stop telling others about Jesus. Farah and her family continued to be watched, and so they made the difficult decision to flee the country. It was too dangerous to stay.

    Life in their new home is really hard. There’s a new language to learn, school and work are different, and Farah misses her friends. But despite all of this, the family know that sticking with Jesus was their only option.

    Whilst in prison, Farah’s dad wrote small messages on his cell wall, to encourage other Christian prisoners. Will you do the same for Farah and her family? Could you write Farah a message to encourage her after her whole world has been torn apart? Use the form on this page to send a message and we’ll make sure it gets through to Farah.


    • Write in simple English and keep it relatively short
    • Be encouraging and include one or two Bible verses (for security reasons, please do not use verses that refer to Israel, armies or war)
    • Show sensitivity – do not dwell on the recipient’s plight, or share about the blessings of life in your country.
    • *Please note, for security reasons, we’ve changed Farah’s name for this writing campaign – you might want to avoid using this pseudonym in your message.

    For security

    • Do not mention Open Doors
    • Do not mention Islam
    • Do not refer to Israel, even when using Scripture. Also, do not use images, flags or maps of Israel, or Hebrew signs
    • Do not criticise the region’s religion or religious extremists, its government, judicial system or political leaders
    • Do not send money or make proposals to help
    • Do not add your address or any personal details bar name, age and where you are from in the message itself (it’s fine to include those in the later bits of the form if you want to get emails or postal mailings from us!).

    Send a message of hope to Farah

  • NANO

    Open Doors Youth NANO are a series of themed simple session outlines that focus on incredible stories from persecuted Christians. Whilst the sessions all highlight the context of persecution, you can use the material to work through key discipleship themes.

    We passionately believe the persecuted church has much to teach us about what being a Christian looks like – our persecuted family aren’t just victims, but courageous and passionate followers of Jesus who can inspire and challenge us to a braver faith. And that’s why we’ve put these ideas together.

    Free themed session outlines

    We’ve created NANO as way to show that the real stories from persecuted Christians can inspire all kinds of areas of our faith as we grow as Christians. We shouldn’t just hear from our global church family one Sunday a year or when the theme of persecution arises in the news. Persecuted Christians have so much to teach us about prayer, forgiveness, passion, worship, giving, distraction, hope, perseverance, God’s plan for us and much, much more. And the lessons they can bring to us just seem all the more authentic and valuable because of the context of threat, violence and intimidation that they live with.

    Just sign up to check out the sessions and see for yourself. We’re releasing sessions regularly (every 2-3 months). Most will have videos, all will have interactive activities, Bible material and prayer times, plus all have been written to work both online or in person (depending on lockdown restrictions). The outlines aren’t exhaustive – they can be used as a script for a session or you can take the elements you think that will work for you and adapt the rest.. you’ll know what will work best in your group.

    The current sessions

    Prayer series – featuring Pete Grieg video explainers
    To launch Nano we’ve created a series on prayer. These four short sessions look at what prayer is (and how to do it authentically), answered prayer, unanswered prayer and how to persevere in prayer.

    Forgiveness session
    A simple session featuring an incredible video story from teenager Jeovani whose life was radically changed after an attack on his church several years ago. Includes game ideas, Bible reflection and questions along with suggested prayer points too.

    Truth or Lie session
    A session outline focussing on truth and lies, looking specifically at the way Christians in India are being excluded, threatened and attacked because of the lies being told about them. This session has some real concrete actions to take that will help your group make an active difference to the situations facing Christians in India.

    Get some or all of the sessions using the form below – all are simple downloads, so you’ll get them immediately. Woo.

    Get your free NANO resources

  • Finding Family this Christmas

    Share this Christmas with your persecuted family

    Christmas is going to be a bit different this year. Because of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, we’re facing limitations on gatherings, festive services and parties. Sadly, we might not be able to get together with the usual groups of friends and family. So, maybe this year, we’re able to identify just a little bit more with those Christians around the world who can’t openly celebrate Christmas. Christians who know the cost of following Jesus, but still choose Him.

    Here you’ll find three ways you can share this Christmas with your persecuted family.

    Below you can download two free youth/small group session outlines, use our star template to send a Christmas message of hope to young people in Colombia and also make a donation that you can give to a friend or loved one as a Christmas pressie (and print off a certificate for them)! Before you get started, check out Bijli and Daniela’s stories in the videos below!

    Do Something

    Finding family this Christmas

    Download two free adaptable and lockdown friendly sessions to use in youth and small groups to connect with the Christmas story and your persecuted family this Christmas!
    Send Hope

    Send a message of hope this Christmas!

    Send a message to Daniela and other young people at the children's home in Colombia to bring hope and joy this Christmas!

    Send a Christmas Gift

    Send a Christmas gift to a young Christian facing persecution as a present for a loved one. Download a certificate to give your loved one in a card...
  • Secret Church: Online Edition

    How can you be church, when you have no building?
    How do you worship, when you have to be silent?
    How can you learn from God’s Word, when you can’t get a Bible?
    How do you pray with others, when religious meetings are banned?

    In the UK, we’ve not been able to meet in church buildings and it’s been illegal to gather in large numbers. But, for millions of Christians across the world, that’s what life is like all the time. In many countries, Christians have never entered a physical church building. They have never experienced the buzz of worshipping with hundreds of others, or even sung to God in anything above a whisper.

    They are the secret church, and wherever they meet – they find Jesus there. And that’s what we can learn from them: that socially distancing and months of lockdown doesn’t mean we are alone, that even though we are separated, we can still be the Church.

    Download our free special online edition Secret Church resource to run a group session via video chat and experience how secret Christians gather to worship, pray, share and learn from God’s Word.

    Secret Church: Online Edition

    Our new Secret Church resource explores some of the ways isolated, hidden and secret Christians do church. We’ve taken ideas and approaches from underground church meetings all around the world, and translated them into a simple session outline for you to use with your youth group or small group.

    The session involves multiple activities and stories, all of which have been designed to work on a video chat service like Zoom or Skype. The session should last around 60 minutes, but each element could be used as a stand-alone activity for a shorter session.

    Included are ideas on how to:

    • Worship with a secret North Korean Christians
    • Read the Bible with Eritrean Christians in prison
    • Pray with persecuted and threatened believers in Pakistan
    • Share and encourage one another like the underground church in China
    • And loads more too…

    Download now…

    Fill out the form below (mobile) or on the right (desktop) to get instant access to a downloadable guide, video and images from the Secret Church. You can also use the form to opt into receiving our monthly emails and our postal mailings (about three times a year), but no pressure!

    Get your free Secret Church resource!

    Secret Church

    Nishan's secret

    Nishan is from Mogadishu in Somalia. He has a secret he's prepared to risk his life for...

    The secret reality

    “On our arrival the men approached us one by one and welcomed us with huge smiles and handshakes, often followed by big hugs. We could smell the sweat on them and knew many hadn’t bathed in days…

    There was no electricity in the house where we assembled, and blankets covered the windows to prevent unwanted observation. Apart from a little sunlight leaking at the edges of the window coverings, candles provided the only light. For the next few hours we were transported into a world few have experienced…“

    Brother Andrew, the founder of Open Doors, attends a Secret Church meeting in Afghanistan

    The Problem

    Pasha's story

    Pasha is a secret Christian in Iran who had an amazing dream where he met Jesus!
  • Isolated Church: Week Nine – Summary

    Week nine: Summary…

    “In Laos there are two seasons: sunny and rainy. Robust trees thrive in both seasons. Our church is the same as a robust tree. It thrives in the sun and it thrives in the rain, and more importantly, it gives shade to others – whether it be from the heat or from the downpour.”
    Pastor Dok – Laos

    Thank you for being one of hundreds of people who has used our Isolated Church reflections and videos. As lockdown restrictions begin to be eased, we’re no longer releasing new devotions every week, but we’re still regularly posting up resources, articles, stories and more on the website and on our social feeds, so do keep checking them out.

    We pray that you’ve been challenged to grow with God during the lockdown. We pray that you’ve been moved by the example of persecuted Christians like Pastor Dok and have learnt to thrive in good times and bad.

    Before we go, we’ve created a final summary reflection video and poster you can download below. The poster features some key quotes and lessons from each of the past eight weeks. Download it, print if off and stick it up somewhere to help you remember to keep growing with God, no matter what you face.

    Finally, we’d love your feedback on the Isolated Church series – what did you think? Tell us by filling out the survey below so we can produce even better resources in the future!

    Week Nine: Summary poster download…

    Download this little poster to help you remember some of the key quotes and lessons that we’ve learnt during this Isolated Church series. Print it off and stick it up on your wall to help you stay inspired and challenged by your persecuted family as the lockdown eases.

    Download the Isolated Church summary…

    Download the ‘Isolated Church – Summary’ video reflection…

    What you can do now…

    While the lockdown restrictions are easing for us – where maybe the sense of fear, anxiety, uncertainty and isolation is lifting – please remember that our persecuted family face these emotions on a daily basis – lockdown or not. As you’ll have read and seen, there are many whose choice to follow Jesus brings all kinds of pressures, lack and loss, and we want to continue to stand with them – and we’d love you to join us. Here’s some simple things you can do to stay connected:

    Finally, don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the Isolated Church series. Give us your feedback here:

    That’s it for this week. Thanks for checking out the resource. We hope you’ve found it useful, challenging and inspiring. Let us know what you think and tell us any things you’d like us to cover in future weeks too. Drop us a line at – we’d love to hear from you.

    Want to access other Isolated Church reflections?

    Head to the Isolated Church landing page to download all the reflections we’ve produced so far.

  • We support people who are beaten, tortured,
    imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.