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    We’ve created NANO as way to show that the real stories from persecuted Christians can inspire all kinds of areas of our faith as we grow as Christians. We shouldn’t just hear from our global church family one Sunday a year or when the theme of persecution arises in the news. Persecuted Christians have so much to teach us about prayer, forgiveness, passion, worship, giving, distraction, hope, perseverance, God’s plan for us and much, much more. And the lessons they can bring to us just seem all the more authentic and valuable because of the context of threat, violence and intimidation that they live with.

    Just sign up to check out the sessions and see for yourself. We’re releasing sessions regularly (every 2-3 months). Most will have videos, all will have interactive activities, Bible material and prayer times, plus all have been written to work both online or in person (depending on lockdown restrictions). The outlines aren’t exhaustive – they can be used as a script for a session or you can take the elements you think that will work for you and adapt the rest.. you’ll know what will work best in your group.

    The current sessions

    Prayer series – featuring Pete Grieg video explainers
    To launch Nano we’ve created a series on prayer. These four short sessions look at what prayer is (and how to do it authentically), answered prayer, unanswered prayer and how to persevere in prayer.

    Coming up…

    Forgiveness: May 2021
    God’s plan for you: July 2021
    Distraction: October 2021

    Get some or all of the sessions using the form below – all are simple downloads, so you’ll get them immediately. Woo.

  • Open Doors Youth NANO are a series of themed simple session outlines that focus on incredible stories from persecuted Christians. Whilst the sessions all highlight the context of persecution, you can use the material to work through key discipleship themes.

    We passionately believe the persecuted church has much to teach us about what being a Christian looks like – our persecuted family aren’t just victims, but couraegous and passionate followers of Jesus who can inspire and challenge us to a braver faith. And that’s why we’ve put these ideas together.

  • Malaysia: Baptisms despite severe flooding

    Like most countries Malaysia has been struggling with a severe outbreak of Covid-19, but earlier this month flooding killed several people and displaced around 50,000 others. But, in the midst of the floods and a global pandemic, five believers still chose to get baptised.

    Image: The baptisms took place in a river

    “Amid this natural disaster, there is space for praise,” shares Mikal (not her real name), a local OD partner. “Five new believers were added to a church… To hear from three pastors that a lot of them are beginning to grow so much in their faith and have shared the faith with their neighbours too (is fantastic).”

    Heavy monsoon rains have led to intense flooding and a landslide in the past two weeks: “In some states, flood waters have gotten so high, you can only see the roof of homes and buildings,” Mikal said.

    This disaster, coupled with an intensified Covid lockdown, hit believers hard.

    “Some of the believers who work in fields to grow crops had a major loss during the first Covid lockdown, when they were unable to harvest any of their crops as policemen were nearby making sure that everyone stayed inside,” shares Mikal. “They didn’t lose hope and began to replant, but just as it was time to harvest their crops again, the floods destroyed their crops.”

    “It’s been very difficult. I know that these men – these farmers – are full of faith, but this has really challenged them,” Mikal continues.

    About Malaysia

    Malaysia in number 46 on the 2021 World Watch List, a ranking of countries where Christians face the worst persecution. In Malaysia, the government and other religious groups monitor churches. It is illegal to share the gospel with Malay Muslims. Converts from Islam to Christianity experience the most persecution, as every ethnic Malay is expected to be Muslim. These believers are often forced to hide their faith and meet in secret. If discovered, they could face divorce from their spouse, rejection from their family – or even risk being sent to a re-education camp.

    Pray now…

    Please pray for our friends, our partners, the believers we serve, and everyone else affected by the floods. Pray for the waters to subside soon and people to be able to rebuild their lives. Pray too for an improvement in the Covid situation in the country.

  • Finding Family: Christmas resources!

    Many Christians can’t openly celebrate Christmas, like us due to Covid-19, they face restrictions and limitations. This year, why not share Christmas with some young persecuted Christians? Learn their stories in our youth sessions and videos, write a Christmas card or message to encourage them and even send a gift.

  • Finding Family Landing Intro

    Share this Christmas with your persecuted family

    Christmas is going to be a bit different this year. Because of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, we’re facing limitations on gatherings, festive services and parties. Sadly, we might not be able to get together with the usual groups of friends and family. So, maybe this year, we’re able to identify just a little bit more with those Christians around the world who can’t openly celebrate Christmas. Christians who know the cost of following Jesus, but still choose Him.

    Here you’ll find three ways you can share this Christmas with your persecuted family.

    Below you can download two free youth/small group session outlines, use our star template to send a Christmas message of hope to young people in Colombia and also make a donation that you can give to a friend or loved one as a Christmas pressie (and print off a certificate for them)! Before you get started, check out Bijli and Daniela’s stories in the videos below!

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  • Blackout: Why lose what you love?

    Persecuted Christians often have to give up everything to follow Jesus: their families, homes, jobs, friends, freedoms and, sometimes, even their lives.

    In rural Vietnam, where Poh lives, Christian converts are secret believers as leaving the traditional village religion is seen as a betrayal to family and community. Those who choose Jesus face discrimination, threats and violence.

    Poh was a teenager when his girlfriend told him about Jesus and he became a Christian.

    When Poh’s dad found out, he gathered his relatives and the chief of the village. They tried to force Poh to stop believing in Jesus. For hours they taunted, mocked and pressured him.

    At one point, someone tried to tie Poh up. “My father picked up a rock to throw at me. Other people were trying to stop my father from killing me,” he recalls.

    But Poh stood firm. The threats and harassment continued – villagers warned Poh that his father would kill him. Still, Poh didn’t bend, saying “No. No, I won’t give up. I have come this far. I don’t want to go back. I will continue to believe in Christ.”

    Poh lost family, home, community and a secure future because of Jesus. Could you lose what you love for a short time to raise money and prayer for courageous believers like Poh who have lost everything because of their love of Jesus?

  • Could you give?

    Raise some money for Christians who often live in desperate situations. Persecuted Christians are often last in line to receive support and aid, if at all. Consider raising funds for our COVID appeal or take on Blackout, giving up something important to you for the weekend as persecuted Christians often give up everything to follow Jesus.

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