Christmas video: Do not fear

Get inspired into a braver faith this Christmas!

Do not be afraid: Christmas and brave faith!

Join Naomi, Jamie and special guests Anna and Bea for a special Christmas show! Have a watch to get inspired by stories of Brave Faith from the persecuted church to not be afraid and see how the Christmas story is about overcoming fear! Plus, of course, Jamie has a special mince pie challenge to keep everyone on their toes!

We hope the video and stories inspire you to explore a braver faith this Christmas (and eat mince pies). Fill out the form on this page to stay connected with us and to request a free Brave Faith journal and/or World Watch List Map to help you learn more about courageous faith in places where following Jesus really does cost.

In a youth group?

Why not get together (in-person or online) and watch the vid together. Spend some time chatting about the Christmas story, reflecting on the experiences of Pastor Marcos from Nigeria and praying for your persecuted family.

Want to do more this Christmas?

Have a look at the links below for a way you can give, write a letter of hope or learn more this Christmas.

Choose to Lose

Choose to Lose this Christmas

Lose a present off your Christmas list and ask for a donation to support a young person who has massively lost out because of their faith in Jesus.
Send Hope

Write to Sele in Nigeria!

Send a message of hope to Sele in Nigeria whose dad was killed in 2011 because of his faith in Jesus.

Christmas: Knowing God

“I know I have a Father in heaven that I can always talk to. That’s amazing.”

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.