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Join the Brave Faith community…

OK, so you’ve worked through the Brave Faith journal? How did you find it? Did you take any risks for Jesus? Did you grow in brave faith? Were you inspired and challenged by stories from the persecuted church? More importantly, do you want to keep growing?

We know following Jesus can be hard and we know that we can’t do it alone. That’s why we want to create a Brave Faith Community – a group of young people daring to follow Jesus, to take risks, to stand with the persecuted church, to make a noise about injustice and to pray and act for change! Interested?

Here’s what’s involved…

We’re a loose community – we’re not replacing your church or youth group! But we want to carve out a space in your life where you can be encouraged, challenged and supported as you grow in brave faith. Here’s what being part of the community means:

  • Taking part in a termly Zoom with other members of the community, led by Naomi and Jamie from the Open Doors Youth team. These hour long Zooms will involve stories and interviews with people from the persecuted church, times of prayer and the chance to meet other young people committed to following Jesus with all they have.
  • Being part of a WhatsApp broadcast list where you’ll hear urgent prayer news and other stories, plus have the chance to encourage others by sharing about how you’re living out brave faith.
  • Being the first to get other special content, like this extra Brave Faith conversation, to help you in your journey with Jesus!

Up for it? Sign up with just your email and mobile number using the form over there (or down there). We’ll add you to the WhatsApp broadcast list and an email list, plus the Open Doors Team will be in touch over email to say hi! You can unsubscribe from these lists at any time.

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We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.