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Make a big noise for persecuted Christians by keeping quiet!

No Instagram. No Snapchat. No FaceTime. No gaming. No Spotify. No phone. No internet. 48 hours offline. Complete digital blackout. Could you cope?

Blackout 2018 / 26-28 October
Blackout is a sponsored 48 hour digital fast for persecuted Christians. That means a whole weekend without your phone, the internet, social networking or anything involving the web.

Around the world Christians have no voice. Millions are persecuted, threatened, beaten, arrested, tortured and some even killed for their choice to follow Jesus. They are being silenced. By getting sponsored to go quiet online, you’ll raise money for change and use the time you’re not spending on your phone in prayer, making a massive noise before God for your persecuted family.

Scroll down to sign up for the Blackout, and we’ll send you a free little resource pack with a Blackout Mini Guide, phone sticker and access to a whole bunch of downloads too. (We’ll send out packs at the end of September, but you can pre-order one today!)

Why go quiet?

In every continent Christians are being silenced. Millions are being pushed out, ignored, excluded. Followers of Jesus are facing imprisonment, violence, kidnap, murder and horrific injustice. Blackout and spend 48-hours offline to stand with the silenced.

Baseem’s story…

Earlier this year, a 27-year-old Egyptian Christian called Bassem was killed because he had a tattoo of a cross on his wrist. He was walking home from work when he was stopped by two armed men. They’d spotted his tattoo, asked if he was a Christian and then shot him. His murderers then threatened to kill more Christians.

Violence against Christians has been increasing in Egypt, but it’s not just about north Africa, or even the Middle East. In North Korea there are an estimated 70,000 Christians in dark prison camps. In Pakistan Christians experience more violent attacks than anywhere else, and up to 700 Christian girls are kidnapped each year. In Colombia and Mexico corruption and gang rule mean Christians who make a stand against injustice face disappearance. Around the world, Christians are facing a Blackout, they are being silenced, and they are asking us to stand with them.

So, put down the phone. Log out of Instagram and help us raise a massive noise in prayer before God! Could you and your mates pray non-stop for 12, 24 or 48 hours? Could you get sponsored and raise enough to send Bibles or help train church leaders? With no phone to distract you anything is possible! Register and you’ll get access to a bunch of downloadable resources and we’ll also send you our new Mini Guide, stickers and much more…

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Raising money with Blackout

Raised money through your Blackout? Thank you! Find out how best to send it to us here...

Get a Blackout t-shirt

All new quality, ethically sourced Blackout tees! Profits go to rebuilding hope in Iraq and Syria!


Raising £50 could…

…could provide 7 Bibles to give comfort to believers in the Middle East. These could go to those who have fled their homes due to war and terror and lost their own.

Raising £100 could…

…could support a mobile church team as they travel to isolated Christian communities in Pakistan, bringing the hope of the gospel and vital support.


Raising £250 could…

…could provide long-term leadership and discipleship training courses for up to 20 church leaders to strengthen them and enable them to build the local church.

Send in your Blackout sponsorship money!

Blackout Sponsorship money

How to do a Blackout

Ok, so here’s the rules… It’s pretty simple. Blackout is a fast from the web, social media and your smartphone. It’s about switching off to make a big noise in prayer to God for those silenced for following Jesus. The point is to get rid of the distractions.So…

• No social networking
• No emails, texts, instant messaging
• No web streaming of games, TV or music (that means no Spotify)
• No browsing online

That’s it. Simples. You can make it more extreme and go fully quiet by choosing not to speak, limiting your diet, locking yourself away or you could even give up something else you really love too. But Blackout is essentially a challenge to stay silent online.

At the start of your fast, seal away your smartphone or tablet in a padded envelope and write the date and time you can re-open it on the envelope. Then walk away. Your Blackout has begun.


Blackout for 24-48 hours between 26-28 October 2018. The fast starts officially at 7pm on Friday 12th and ends at 7pm on Sunday the 12th. (Although we’re advertising these dates you can do a Blackout whenever you like and for anything from 12-48 hours too!).

Blackout Prayer Gathering

Blackout Prayer Gathering

Giving up social media doesn’t mean you have to give up hanging out with your mates! Organise a Prayer Gathering to spend time praying together, worshipping Jesus, connecting with your persecuted family and learning more from the Bible.

Check out our Blackout Prayer Guide for a simple gathering outline with talk ideas, videos, suggested songs, prayers and stories. Register above and we’ll email it out to you!

Blackout Prayer Spaces

Blackout Prayer Spaces

If you’re doing Blackout on your own, or even as part of a group, why not set up a prayer space?

Register and download the Blackout Prayer Guide guide for loads of prayer space ideas, including some prayer posters you can stick up and use to inspire and focus your prayers!


Why I need to Blackout!

Luke needs a break from his phone and finds Blackout to be the perfect remedy...

Don't just give up!

"Blackout isn’t just about giving something up; it is about doing something different." Read why Emily is excited by her Blackout fast...

Blackout: Spread the word

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We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.