Serve your persecuted family. Grow in your gifts. Be sold out for Jesus! 

Be an Advocate!

Go beyond the theory. Serve your persecuted family. Grow in your gifts.

We need you! We’re looking for passionate, inspired and quality young people to join our expanding ADVOCATE PROGRAMME. It’s an informal course for people aged 17-24 that works alongside your existing work or study commitments. We’re developing and improving our current programme and would love you to be involved!.


“I’ve been amazed at how God has used me! Through God’s power in me, I have led a school assembly, written to my local MP, set up a blog and I am in the process of planning a church service focused around persecuted Christians.

Personally, however, finding out more about what it means to be a part of God family, has been the best part. Whether we can practice our faith freely, or live under persecution, we are all children of God, whose love never changes or fails.”
Becky (Advocate Graduate)

The challenge

“The Gospel was theory for us, but when persecution comes and you witness for the Lord, you know it is for real.”
Sisters, Meena and Sunita, Odisha, India

We passionately believe that following Jesus isn’t just a theory. It’s action, it’s love lived out and it’s powerful enough to transform the world. Meena and Sunita get that. Converted by hearing a radio show about Jesus, these sisters have suffered discrimination, verbal abuse, intimidation and harsh beatings. Rejected by family and former friends, they know that there is a cost to following Him, but it’s one they know is worth paying. In short, they know the theory is real.

Our Advocate programme is about going beyond theories. It’s about living out our walk with Jesus – authentically, powerfully and wholeheartedly. The course is a journey inspired by the passionate, unrelenting faith of persecuted Christians. It’s a journey that holds onto the reality of Jesus, no matter what the cost. And it’s a journey we’d like you to join us on.

The basics

The Advocate Programme is an informal course for people aged 17-24. The course works alongside your existing college, uni or work commitments and you’ll be based in your current church or CU championing the passionate faith of persecuted Christians. You’ll get stuck into key Open Doors campaigns, have one-on-one mentoring sessions and a few weekend retreats with others on the programme.

In any single month you could be writing articles, running events, leading small groups, organising prayer nights, making videos… It’s about doing whatever you can to speak up on behalf of persecuted Christians. There’s no financial cost to join, and we’ll even have a small kitty to help pay to develop some of your ideas.

Some of our old Advocates share their thoughts…


Sound like something you’d be up for? Email us if you have any questions or get to it and download the application to apply!

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.