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Grow with God during the coronavirus crisis

Free material, inspired by the brave faith of persecuted Christians, to help get you through the coronavirus lock-down…

This has been a strange and uncertain time. We’ve all faced a period of isolation, uncertainty, lack and fear. It’s all pretty worrying and daunting. But at Open Doors, we know we can take inspiration and encouragement from persecuted Christians around the world who face these pressures on a daily basis. Join us as we learn to lean into God, finding Him true, faithful and right here with us during these anxious times.

Isolated Church: Intro

Isolated church: What to expect

“Let’s use this virus crisis to become more like Jesus and grow closer to God. It’s time to be church rather than do church…”
Pastor Huang, Wuhan

With social distancing and isolation being enforced, it’s easy to feel that we’re alone in this, but we’re not. Being physically apart doesn’t mean God can’t draw us closer together. For eight weeks during the lock down we’ve been  sharing some incredible stories of brave and courageous faith to encourage and inspire us. Like Pastor Huang says, this is a time to become more like Jesus and grow closer to God – and many persecuted Christians can show us just how to do that despite the fear, anxiety and uncertainty we face.

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We’ve looked at a bunch of themes relevant to us during the crisis:

  • Uncertainty
  • Isolation
  • Lack
  • Fear
  • Waiting
  • Anxiety
  • Loss
  • Healing

And each reflection includes:

  • A video
  • A story of brave faith from the persecuted church and quick Bible reflection to encourage and inspire you
  • A prayer
  • A simple activity that you can do from home (and on your own)

I’m a youth leader, what about me?

We know it’s a challenge to meet together as youth groups during the lockdown – but these we want to help provide content and ideas to help you chat through the issues you’re facing. So, alongside the material above, is also a simple youth leader cheat sheet that will help you use the resources with your group. Simple. Obviously, you’ll be able to adapt this as you need, but it’ll help give you some quality ideas, stories and activities you can use with your group.

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We support people who are beaten, tortured,
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