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Wake up early and pray with those who give everything for Jesus!

It’s Time: Deborah’s Story

It’s Time

Will you wake up?

God's asking his followers to wake up and strengthen the worldwide church. Will you respond to the call?
It’s Time

Wake up for people like Hyo!

Hyo had just three days. Being the son of a defected North Korean church pastor, he was lucky to have any time at all...
It’s Time

It’s Time

It’s Time to wake up to extreme Persecution. Literally. So join us.

We’ve just finished our 6 early Monday morning sessions! Around 1000 of you joined us to wake up early to pray for secret Christians in North Korea who risk everything for Jesus.

But don’t worry, even though we’ve finished the initial sessions, you can still join in. Fill out the forms below, and we’ll send you our free ‘Wake Up and Pray’ Guide and you can set an alarm for yourself to wake up early to pray and act for persecuted Christians. You can also download the resources and check out the email series at the bottom of the page.

Plus, to show your support, upload a pic of you with your ‘wake up’ face, with bedhead, PJs and tired yawn all included to the wake up gallery we have below. Use the image as your FB, Twitter, Bebo or Instagram profile pic to show you’re not afraid of giving up some of your freedom and comfort to stand with those who are risking it all for Jesus!

It's Time Resources

Planning to wake up and pray with us? Use these...

Wake Up and Pray Guide
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It's Time to Wake Up Postcard
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It's Time: My Sister, Sarah Vid
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Wake Up and Pray: Session 1
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Wake Up and Pray: Session 2
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Wake Up and Pray: Session 3
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Wake Up and Pray: Session 4
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Wake Up and Pray: Session 5
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Wake Up and Pray: Session 6
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Secret Church

Woken up? What now?

Did you wake up with us? Well, good - now it's time to Wake Up your whole church or youth group. Run a Secret Church meeting!

Why wake up?

It’s easy to feel so removed from stories of persecution. But we’re intimately connected with those who give it all for Jesus. The worldwide church that we’re all part of is one body and it’s the thing God has chosen to use to change the world. We need to act and support the part of the church that is suffering. We need to answer God’s call: ‘Wake Up. Strengthen what remains and is about to die’ (Rev 3:2).

Getting up early isn’t supposed to be easy. This is about giving up some of the comfort of our lives (a few more minutes in bed) to stand with those who risk everything for Jesus. This is about prayer. And real prayers ask God to not just change the world, but change our hearts too.

We’ll be spending time in God’s word and praying for real North Korean Christians who are putting it all on the line for their faith. We know prayer has no boundaries. Our prayers can take hope across barbed wire, through locked prison doors and into even the hardest of hearts. With just a little bit of faith Jesus says we can move mountains, so let’s build our faith and let’s pray like we’ve never prayed before!

Sign up to Wake Up

Even though we’ve now finished our early morning email series you can still fill in the form to get your free ‘Wake Up and Pray’ guide. Send us your details and we’ll get a guide to you in the post so you can set an alarm and wake yourself up to pray for persecuted Christians in North Korea!

  • Want a 'Wake up Pray' guide (you can get some for your mates)?
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
    Add a pic of you with your early morning wake up face, with yawn, bedhead and PJs and we'll add it to our wake up gallery below!
It’s Time

Week one: Understand

Join in the first of our early doors Wake Up and Pray sessions on 15th September!
Do Something

Week two: Pray

Have a gander at our second Wake Up session - scheduled for 22nd September at 7.00am!
It’s Time

Week four: Reflect

Week four - getting tired yet. Join us to reflect on life in North Korea on 6th October!
It’s Time

Week five: Give

Week five of our early morning session is all about giving. Do this on 13th October...

It’s Time: My Sister, Sarah

It’s Time

Week three: Worship

Week three is all about Worship. Set your alarm on Monday 29th September!
It’s Time

Week six: Speak up

Take a sneaky peak at the last week of our 'Wake Up' sessions - going out on 20th October!
The Problem

North Korea

For yet another year North Korea is officially the worst place in the world to be a Christian...

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.