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Experience how persecuted Christians do church!
Secret Church

Nishan's secret

Nishan is from Mogadishu in Somalia. He has a secret he's prepared to risk his life for...
Secret Church

10 steps to a secret...

10 steps to help you run a Secret Church service... it's easier than you think!
Secret Church

Secret Church

Worship with the world’s hidden christians.

Secret Church is a totally different way of doing church. Powerful, interactive, full of worship and faith, this is an experience that will help you to journey deeper into the world of the persecuted church.

It’s an inspiring introduction to the real-life worship of persecuted believers around the world. Whatever size your group is, the Secret Church resource will wake you up to the reality of persecution. And when we say ‘wake up,’ we mean it! Because, we’re suggesting you meet at dawn and in a secret location – just like so many followers of Jesus have to do around the world.

Of course, you can meet at any time. But the reality of church for millions of people in the world is that in order to meet safely they have to remain hidden. They rise early and meet in hidden places. What would we learn about our faith if, just for once, we did the same?

Download resources and let us know what you’re doing below!

Secret Church Resources

Donwload elements from the Secret Church pack to help plan your events....

Secret Church Leader Guide
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Secret Church Poster
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Secret Church Donation Forms
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Secret Church Gift Aid Form
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Secret Church

Ideas for a secret service

Grab some ideas to make your Secret Church service more authentic...
The Problem

Pasha's story

Pasha is a secret Christian in Iran who had an amazing dream where he met Jesus!

The secret reality

“On our arrival the men approached us one by one and welcomed us with huge smiles and handshakes, often followed by big hugs. We could smell the sweat on them and knew many hadn’t bathed in days…

There was no electricity in the house where we assembled, and blankets covered the windows to prevent unwanted observation. Apart from a little sunlight leaking at the edges of the window coverings, candles provided the only light. For the next few hours we were transported into a world few have experienced…“

Brother Andrew, the founder of Open Doors, attends a Secret Church meeting in Afghanistan

Secret Church events

Planning on running a Secret Church event? Well, let us know!

We’d love to hear if your church or youth group are planning to get involved and host a specialist service to stand alongside persecuted Christians.

Drop us a line and we’ll add some of the basic details to this little box, but don’t worry, we won’t add dates, times or locations in case we spoil the secret!

Secret Church

Secret Church stories

Stories and quotes from real-life secret Christians to inspire your prayers and services...

Secret Church video playlist

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.