Secret Church

Experience how persecuted Christians do church! 
Secret Church

Secret Church: What now?

Congratulations! You’ve taken part in a Secret Church service.

But now what?

Here are four ways to deepen your connection with the secret church around the world.

1. Keep connecting

One of the things which encourages secret believers is knowing that they are not alone and that others are praying for them.

“We try to stay in touch, and we stay connected through WhatsApp,” says pastor George Moushi in Syria. “We have devotions and we praise and worship together.
Everyone prays and shares their thoughts and feelings. At the same time, we share our prayer requests with each other and exchange the latest news.”

You, too, can keep connected with the persecuted church.

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2. Keep supporting

Without our help, secret Christians will be even more isolated, even more alone. But as a global family we need to continue to pray and support them.

This picture shows a secret baptism which took place in Central Asia. All the twelve new believers became Christians through receiving digital Bibles and other media. Could you raise money or give to support your persecuted church family?

  • Every £10 could mean five people are reached by the church through social media
  • Every £19 could provide vital Bibles for 15 believers from a Muslim background

3. Keep learning

Keep reflecting on the experience. Whilst we know that the lockdown is temporary for us in the UK, we can use it to learn more about the courageous faith of those for whom isolation is an everyday fact of life.

Mojtaba from Iran was imprisoned for leading a secret house church. In this video, he shares how God used his imprisonment to share the gospel with the least and the lost.


  • Are there any elements of the secret church experience you’d like to repeat? Why?
  • Do you think the experience will affect or change the way you worship, pray and read the Bible?
  • How will the example of the persecuted church affect how you live out your own faith?


  • Did you manage to memorise the verses that you wrote down? Can you recite them?
  • What stuck with you from the secret church experience?
  • What story or stories do you remember?


  • Do you know of any other ways that secret believers from around the world meet?

4. Keep Sharing

Spread the word. Let others know about your Secret Church experience.
Could you share a Secret church service with others? Maybe lead one for your friends, church, cell or home group?

This is how the Secret Church grows around the world: it starts with one group meeting in one house, then the news spreads, more groups appear.

And the Kingdom of God carries on multiplying and growing, right under the noses of those who think that they have it under control…

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.