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Write a letter to real people who know the cost of following Jesus 
Send Hope

Write to: Abishek in India

Abishek is a volunteer ‘first responder’ and local partner of Open Doors who goes to the aid of Christians when they’ve been attacked. After visiting the family of a man who was killed for his faith, he says: “Despite their sorrow, when I went to that family and I cried with them, I encouraged them, I motivated them, I comforted them from the Word of God. His wife was telling me, “Sir, thank you so much. Nobody has come like that and comforted us.” Watch this Prayer News video to find out more about Abishek’s work.

Abishek’s line of work is tough – it would be really good if he could receive some encouragement.

You can also send messages to other Open Doors volunteer partners who help in the same way – addressing them as ‘Dear brother’ or ‘Dear sister’.

Using the guidelines below, please send your digital message to this address (we’re only accepting emailed messages for this campaign):


  • Send any messages, images, or recordings digitally to:
  • Looking for inspiration? You could send:
    a photo of an object or image with a Bible verse
    a photo of a hand-drawn self-portrait
    a short video with captions
    a short audio message, e.g. yourself or a group, talking or singing
  • Keep messages as simple and as personal as possible. Explain why you feel for people suffering for their faith in India. For instance, think of a time when you were sad or worried, and how God helped you at this time. Or take an idea from a Bible story or verse that means something to you.


  • Please don’t send physical drawings or messages as we won’t be able to pass them on – just use the email address above.
  • For security reasons, please don’t send photos or videos that include children’s faces. Instead, you could take photos of hands praying or heads from behind. Alternatively, hold up a sign with a message, e.g. ‘We’re praying for you’. Or use beautiful images from God’s creation.
  • Please don’t use pre-recorded music as this will infringe copyright and performing rights laws.
  • Please don’t direct your messages towards any individual you have read about in Open Doors communications. These messages are intended to be shared more than once in different settings, e.g. at events or meetings where persecuted Christians are gathered together.

Most importantly…

  • Do not mention Open Doors in any messages
  • First name only, please – don’t include your surname or address
  • Do not send money or make offers of help
  • Do not mention anything to do with the news, religion, politics or government of India.

Thank you!

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.