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Write to: Caroline Riziki

On 18 August 2017, Caroline Riziki (who is in her late 30s) witnessed the brutal murder of her husband, brother-in-law and neighbour’s 17-year-old son in her home by al-Shabaab militants.

Caroline’s brother-in-law, Changawa Muthemba, had been dragged into her house, where her husband, Joseph Kasena, a church elder, was hosting the 17-year-old Kadenge Katana. The three men were held at machete point and told to recite the Islamic Shahada. After none of them did so, the attackers tried to tie them up but the men resisted. The attackers then hacked them to death.

Afterwards, the militants also entered the nearby home of Joseph’s brother, Charo Karisa, and killed him. Local sources believe they were targeted because they were Christians.

“Joseph’s wife, Caroline, watched everything happen and was severely traumatised,” writes an Open Doors worker. Caroline’s daughter, Zawadi (17), had thankfully gone to visit relatives in in a nearby town on the day of the attack. “Open Doors will visit Caroline as soon as is appropriate.”

Could you write to Caroline, sharing Bible verses of encouragement and hope during this difficult time?

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