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Write a letter to real people who know the cost of following Jesus 
Send Hope

Write to: Children in Colombia

Christian children in Colombia need encouragement. Why? There are two reasons.

Firstly, in certain areas of Colombia, Christian children are at risk. Gangs and groups that oppose the government try to recruit Christian children for their cause because they think they will ‘do as they’re told’. These children are part of Christian families and churches but they need to feel safe – and strong – enough to say no to the gangs. They need to be encouraged to keep following Jesus.

Could you send a card or postcard with a drawing and short message? Write in simple English, or use the suggested Spanish phrases below.

Secondly, in Colombia, there are over 100 different indigenous people groups. They are the people who have lived there the longest, mostly around the north or south of the coast, or in the south east corner of the country. Christians in these groups suffer because their indigenous leaders don’t want them to follow Jesus. They may be bullied, treated violently, told to leave their community, or put in prison. The children in these families need encouragement, too.

For indigenous children, please send drawings with no writing on them – except your first name if you wish.

Important guidelines

  • Keep your message short and positive and print clearly, whether in Spanish or English.
  • Include an encouraging verse from the Bible (you can find Spanish translations at
  • Show sensitivity. Please don’t dwell on the difficulties of their situation or share about the blessings of your own life.
  • Please don’t mention Open Doors anywhere – and don’t include your surname or address.

Thank you!

Spanish phrases

Tú no estás solo.
Dios te ama.
Oramos para que Jesús te guarde de todo mal y peligro.
You are not alone.
God loves you.
We pray that Jesus will keep you from all evil and danger.

No olvides que Jesús siempre está contigo y te ama.
Do not forget that Jesus is always with you and loves you.

Cristo te ama y no se ha olvidado de ti. Él está contigo en los momentos más difíciles.
Christ loves you and has not forgotten you. He is with you in the most difficult times.

Muchas bendiciones
Many blessings.

Send in your cards and messages…

Please put all your letters and cards in one envelope and send to Open Doors UK, PO Box 6, Witney, OX29 6WG.

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.