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Write to: Children’s centre

Roberto came to the Children’s Centre when his father, a missionary, began to be threatened by guerrillas.

Pastors are viewed as a threat because they preach against the guerrilla groups, who practice of violence, drug trafficking, prostitution and witchcraft. Guerrillas forbid them from holding church services, demand money, kidnap their children and even, on occasions, kill them. “Fear dominates the life of the church in this region,” says one pastor.

The Children’s Centre exists to provide a place of safety and nurture for the children of such families. Opened in January 2000, it’s a place where students can live and study, well away from the terrorist groups that try to enlist them. For those who’ve been bereaved, it offers a wider family to love and care for them as they grieve and make sense of their loss.

At his graduation, Roberto said,”After six years in the Children’s Centre, I understand that God created me with a purpose. Now I know that everything I do will be for His glory.”

There are 52 students currently at the Children’s Centre. You can write to individual children or send them birthday cards. For a list, phone Inspire on 01993 460015 or email

If you know Spanish, then you can practise your language skills by writing letters and cards in Spanish too!

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Please put all your letters and cards in one envelope and send to Open Doors UK, PO Box 6, Witney, OX29 6WG.

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.