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Write to: Hadija and Melina

Hadija (12) was born into a Muslim family living on the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda but, when she was just five years old, she began attending church in secret. After some time, her Muslim father found out – every time she attended church, he would beat her as punishment.

When Hadija was aged seven, her mother died. She moved with her father to a town in western Uganda where they lived with his newest wife. Again, Hadija searched for a church to secretly attend, but again her father discovered her. He recommenced his severe punishments: every time she attended church, Hadija was brutally beaten with a cane and food was withheld. But she continued to go to church despite this.

Eventually, the abuse became so severe that Hadija had to flee. A Christian woman at church, Mellina, took her in and is now in the process of adopting Hadija.

The two are doing well, but would benefit greatly from encouragement from the wider body of Christ. Recently, Hadija’s father disowned her as his daughter.

“When I remember how he mistreated me, I still feel bad,” said Hadija. “But when I tell Jesus about all the pain in my heart I start to feel better. Please pray that he would stop drinking alcohol and remember that I am his daughter.”

Could you write to Hadija and Mellina to encourage them and let them know that you are praying for them?

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