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Write to: Hernan, Rosmy and Jaqueline

On 7 January 2013, Hernán, Rosmy and Jacqueline were orphaned when their mother, Alicia, was shot dead by an illegal Colombian armed group. Their father had been shot dead two years before by guerrillas.

Hernán (18) is now in charge of looking after Rosmy (9) and Jacqueline (6). His dreams of studying environmental engineering have been put on hold as he looks for work to cover their expenses.

The two girls, who had been receiving trauma counselling after their father’s murder, are now suffering from illness, sleepless nights and erratic behaviour patterns. During their last therapy session, they drew pictures of their parents’ coffins.

The siblings have moved to live temporarily with their aunt and uncle and their older brother Wilmer (22), who is not a Christian.

When his father was killed, Hernán wanted to revenge his murder. But at an Open Doors seminar, he renounced his vendetta and was baptised. He is now praying for his brother to come to know Christ.

“Never again have I had any desire to pick up a gun,” he says. “With the death of my mother, I thought I was going to be worse than before. But today I cannot hate. Many are praying and I think that is why I have not reacted badly.”

You can write letters of encouragement to Hernán, Rosmy, Jacqueline and Wilmer, and also to their aunt and uncle, Adriana and Luis Ernesto.

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