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Write to: Laura Lozano

Laura Lozano is a widow with three girls and a new baby due in August. Her husband and son were murdered in January 2014, by unknown people in Guaviare, Colombia.

Her husband, Bedersein Forero, had been pressured by these people to become involved in the sale of cocaine and once they succeeded they charged him with the crime of drug trafficking. He was then given a fine which he was unable to pay so they sent him threatening phone calls. These became ever more frequent, saying, “You pay, or you will die.” Bedersein and his son John Sebastian were coming home after work when they were killed.

Due to the prayers and encouragement of Lorena, their 17-year-old daughter, Laura and Bedersein had just become Christians in the months before he died. Since the killings, Laura has been persecuted by her husband’s relatives who blame her for the murders. They even sought to bring harm upon Laura and the children through witchcraft, causing her to have suicidal thoughts.

For the past few months, Open Doors has been able to help support Laura and her family with money for rent and food. She is grateful; however, she recognises that prayer is her greatest need at this time. “Only through prayer will I be able to continue living. Please do not stop praying for me,” she says.

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