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Write to: Mary

How would you feel if your church youth leader were to die in an unprovoked machete attack? That’s what happened to Mary’s husband, Elia Lunyamila (35) on 22 October 2013, while he was guarding the Gilgal Christian Worship Centre in Mwanza, Tanzania.

When the gang struck at about 1am, Elia was outside the church on watch after a late-night service. Two other church members who were inside praying were also attacked but survived.

Bishop Sentoz,the leader of the church, told Open Doors, “Elia was like a son to me. He gave his life to Christ around 2001 and was a fine, gentle and hard-working young man. The youth loved him so much that they voted him to be their chairman and leader for ten years straight!”

Elia and Mary (24) had been married for just four years. Mary says, “I don’t know what to do… where to start… The Bible warns us that things like these will happen, but that does not reduce the agony when they do.”

Pray for Mary’s heart to heal and for wisdom to know how to plan for the future: she has two young children to provide for: Prosper (3), their son, and baby daughter Prisca. Then send a card to let her know that you are praying for her.

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