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Write to: Neeraj and Rita

We were beaten and then locked up in the police station,” says Neeraj* (23), speaking of the time he and two other believers from a Hindu background were forced to renounce Christ. “There was a mob of hundreds of people outside. The police threatened to strip us and treat us with electroshocks. First, my friends gave in. I finally succumbed to the pressure as well.”

Neeraj and his wife, Ritu* (21), faced extreme pressure to reconvert to Hinduism after they became Christians. When the local extremists realised that Neeraj had come back to Christ despite their extreme efforts to reconvert him, the mob descended on their house. The couple had just moments to flee for their lives.

Through Open Doors partners, Neeraj and Ritu have been receiving assistance and legal advice. The local police since spoke to the villagers (including the extremists) where it was agreed they could safely go back home. With help from Open Doors volunteers, Neeraj has been able to repair his roof and floor, which had been damaged in the violence.

“They (the couple) are well,” share our partners. “In fact, the church offered to send them to a Bible college for theological studies.”

Please support Neeraj and Rita by writing to them.

*Names changed for security reasons

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