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Write to: Quanizolo

Quanizolo Saint Jacob from the Central African Republic, is a first year law student. He was worshipping at his church in Bangui last year, when suddenly there was a huge explosion. Two missiles landed on the church building, killing seven and severely injuring at least 33 people.

One of the missiles shattered Quanizolo’s left leg so badly it needed to be amputated below the knee. His right leg was also damaged.

Quanizolo comes from a very poor background and lives with an elder brother. Having the chance to attend university made him the star of his family – with great expectations on him for the future, but now he has had to discontinue his studies.

He has been struggling with discouragement as he comes to terms with the implications for his life but is determined to respond to his challenges with faith. “God created me,” he says. “I implore Him to give me courage and to keep supplying our needs as a family as we face these difficult moments.”

Your cards and letters can bring Quanizolo much-needed encouragement.

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