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Pastor Ibrahim Kithaka, Senior Pastor of the East Africa Pentecostal Church in Kenya, was murdered in October last year.

Ibrahim had gone out to sell some goats at the family farm and stopped off at a supermarket to bring some food home – but never arrived.

To begin with, the family weren’t worried, but as the evening wore on they and members of his church began a search for him that went on all night. They found his body the next day, dumped in a bush near Madamani trading centre in Vitegeni.

It is still not known who was responsible for his death, or why it happened. “It is very difficult,” says Sarah, his widow. “Ibrahim lived to serve God and God’s people. That was his one passion. My husband was so loved around here… he, too, loved people. He educated the poor and helped so many others. He was paying school fees for eight needy students… He did this because he wanted them to succeed in life. He did not want anyone to be limited by poverty.”

Please pray for Sarah and her children, Betty (34), Samuel (30), Paul (24), Mary (22), Rose (19), Emmanuel (16) and Isaac (14), who are still coming to terms with the loss of their beloved father – and send a card to let them know they’re in your prayers.

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