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Write a letter to real people who know the cost of following Jesus 
Send Hope

Write to Sele in Nigeria!

“Sele never knew his dad, Solomon,” explains Cecilia, Sele’s mum. He died when Sele was just two years old.

Cecelia has managed to carry on farming without her husband. But not without help from Sele and his siblings.

For some children in Nigeria, the field surrounding their house is as far as their future will go, simply because there’s no extra money for school. But thanks to your support, Sele can go to a school where he can study and dream of making an impact on people’s lives. He wants to be a doctor.

Sele says: “I want to say thank you to the brothers and sisters who are helping me to pay my school fees, may God bless them.”

Will you write to Sele to encourage him in his faith and studies?

Writing guidelines

  • Sele speaks and reads English but greeting cards, children’s artwork, and postcards are best
  • Print clearly
  • Be encouraging and feel free to include an encouraging Bible verse. For security reasons, please do not use a verse that refers to Israel, armies or war
  • Show sensitivity; please do not dwell on the recipient’s plight, or share about the blessings of life in your country.

For security

  • Do not mention Open Doors in your letters
  • Do not mention other religions
  • If writing a postcard, please send it in an envelope and do not write the Open Doors’ address on the postcard
  • You may provide your name, but do not provide your full name or address
  • Do not criticise a country’s religion or religious extremists, its government, judicial system, or political leaders
  • Do not send money or make proposals to help.

Send to us!

Send your drawings, cards or letters to us at:

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And we’ll do the rest!

Please note this campaign ends 15 October 2022

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.