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Write to: Children’s teachers

“My village is small and there’s no one to teach the children. I want to teach them to know God!” says La-Li.

Since 2014, La-Li and a group of other Sunday School teachers from the Hmong people have been working hard to produce a children’s manual – with songs, games, and activities – for sharing Bible stories with their villages’ children.

“Because of history, Christianity has always been defined by the Lao government as something Western,” says an Open Doors worker. Indeed, anyone found distributing Christian materials could have the material confiscated and may even be arrested.

“Since the Hmong (tribe) have a highly oral culture and the manual is highly story-based, the Biblical stories will prove non-threatening in approach,” continues the Open Doors worker. “Who knows, maybe it will not only disciple children in the ways of God but also reduce persecution.”

“The Hmong have never had this before, but I believe it’s really good for Hmong children,” says Jhua, another Sunday school teacher. “We are excited, but our concern is doing this right. We are not that confident that it will turn out nice (right).”

Could you encourage the Hmong Sunday School teachers as they begin distributing this new resource?

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