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Write to: The Elisha family

On 9 July 2016, Eunice Elisha (42) was killed while out preaching in a street near her home in the Kubwa region of Abuja, the Nigerian Capital Territory.

Eunice, who was an assistant pastor, left behind her husband of 16 years, Pastor Olowale Elisha, and her seven children – four girls and three boys, all below the age of 16.

When her family arrived at the police station to identify Eunice’s body, Elisha said that he and the children burst into tears. He described his wife as a zealous Christian who ‘was committed to anything that was of God… I see her as a martyr who died for Christ’. He said that whether or not the attackers are caught, they should be forgiven: “My prayer is that if they can accept Christ it will be a gain for Christ.”

Would you be able to write to Pastor Elisha and his children to send them messages of love and encouragement?

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