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Write to: Zita

Zita (15) is from Cameroon. Her life has been in turmoil since she was young and she needs your letters of encouragement to keep her strong in her walk with Jesus.

Complications for Zita began when she was very young. She was born to a Christian mother and a Muslim father. After her father’s family put pressure on him, he gave Zita’s mother an ultimatum: give up her faith, or Zita would be raised by her Muslim relatives. Zita’s mother refused to renounce her faith, but when Zita was less than a year old she was taken away to be raised by her father’s family. Shortly afterwards, her mother died, and a year later, her father died also.

Zita spent most of her childhood being passed back and forth between her Muslim and Christian families, until she was 12. While living with her Muslim aunt, she became a Christian, and wanted to go to church, but her aunt forbade it. Zita ran away, but returned after advice from a Christian mentor. After discovering that her Muslim relatives planned to kill her, she ran away again, and is now being cared for by the family of her mentor. Zita also suffers from ill health, and receives threats from her Muslim relatives, but she is not deterred in her walk with Jesus.

She says, “Temptation and persecution will come, but God will give me the strength and I will never leave His way.”

Could you write a message to encourage Zita to stand strong in her faith and persevere?

Please note this campaign ends on 31 May 2018.

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