Do Something / Walk With Them

Do a sponsored walk to raise money for persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria!

Will you walk with them?

Do a sponsored walk with your mates or youth group and spend time connecting with Christians in Iraq and Syria that have fled home due to war, terror and instability.

In August 2014 thousands of Christians and minority groups from Mosul, a city in Iraq, fled their homes as Islamic State approached. They quickly packed the few things they could and left, many on foot, in the middle of the night.

Will you walk with them?

Challenge yourself, your group or your mates to a 10-mile hike. Get sponsored to raise money for Christians in Iraq and Syria that have lost nearly everything fleeing war and terror. Spend time reflecting on the painful journey thousands of Christians in Iraq and Syria have made in the past few years, leaving home and security behind.

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The pack includes:

  • A leader guide with advice on how to organise and plan your walk
  • The guide includes some group times with suggested Bible studies, stories and prayers to use during break points in your walk
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Set yourself a fundraising target!

See what the money you raise by ‘Walking With Them’ could do. Sign up, set yourself a fundraising target and get walking, praying and reflecting. Journey with your church family in Iraq and Syria!


£213 can…

…sustain a family in Syria for three months with emergency food supplies, along with medicines, blankets, and assistance with medical care and rent payments.


£450 can…

…provide long-term leadership and discipleship training courses for up to 30 church leaders to strengthen them and enable them to build the church in the Middle East.


£700 can…

…provide 100 Bibles to give comfort to believers in the Middle East who have fled their homes with nothing, and to help new believers learn more about Jesus.

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Why we walked with them...

Sarah Sharpe, Youth Minister at Knowle Parish Church, explains why her youth group chose to Walk With Them...

Who is walking with them?

Why walk with them?

“The rumours spread very quickly through phone and social media. Many Muslims in my neighbourhood stayed, but especially Christians wanted to leave the city. Despite the curfew, we packed our car with the most valuable things and left.”

“The way to Erbil normally takes about 1 hour, but it took us 12. The two-way road had become one way direction and the cars were about 10 or 12 lines wide.”

“Later I had contact with my former neighbour. He told me that 50 minutes after we left, the neighbourhood was taken over by IS.”
Christian resident of Mosul, now living in Erbil


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We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.