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Send money to encourage, strengthen, support and provide relief to persecuted christians
Give now…

Give now…

As well as raising prayers and awareness, Open Doors provides practical and physical support, training and help to people who are at risk simply for following Jesus.

When you give you can choose to donate to the following areas*:

Where help is most needed

The situation facing many followers of Jesus seems hopeless, but your prayers and support can have a huge impact.

Transform the lives of children facing persecution

Help give a child or young person resources, training or an education that will give them a new future.

Hope for the Middle East

Christians in Iraq, Syria and other parts of the Middle East face the dangers of war and the threat of attack by Islamic extremists. Many courageous Christians are now returning to their communities – but need the long-term support of their global church family to rebuild hope for the future.

Choose to Lose sponsorship

You can also use the form to send in any money you have raised the Choose to Lose Challenge, just enter the amount raised in the special Choose to Lose field.

Example gifts:

£8 could provide a young person from Central Asia with a Bible in their own language
£26 could provide trauma care for a victim of violent persecution

Thank you so much for any money you give.

*Any excess funds will help to strengthen persecuted Christians where the need is greatest.

Give now

to where most needed
to transform the lives of children in the persecuted church
to help bring hope to the Middle East
to Choose to Lose sponsorship

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.