Amel’s story

Amel is 19 years old. Just a few years ago she couldn’t read or write. She lives in rural Egypt where 60% of people are illiterate, a stat that dramatically increases amongst women as girls are rarely sent to school. Instead, young women are often expected to stay at home and look after any animals or livestock the family is lucky enough to own.

Shockingly, teenage girls face an extremely tough time. They are often victims of sexual abuse or harassment. In a culture aggressive towards Christianity, Christian girls are particularly vulnerable.

Amel was 16 when she started attending literacy classes run by Open Doors. There were 15 others in her group, and they met 3 times a week. All of them learnt to read by taking the stories of the Bible as their starting point.

Learning to read and write has literally transformed Amel’s life:

‘I feel proud and feel of value’. More than simply being able to understand the world better, Amel’s sense of self worth, confidence and faith have come alive.

And now, well… she’s a full time worker in her church.

Along with a friend, she regularly teaches the Bible to 100 different groups, all of which include 15 or more young people! At 19 she’s teaching, mentoring, and pastoring nearly 1500 teenagers.

Not bad right? You can help transform the lives of young people like Amel.

£10 can buy, send and deliver a Bible to a young Christian facing persecution
£22 can pay one month’s school fees for a child that has lost family due to extreme persecution

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.