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Send a Bible or Christmas gift to a young Christian facing persecution as a present for a loved one.

Send a gift of hope to a young person facing persecution as a present for a loved one!

Struggling for present ideas? Not sure what to give someone who has everything? Why not send a present to a young Christian as a gift for a friend or family member this Christmas!

In places where young Christians face pressure, violence and intimidation, a Bible, special present or other gift can remind them they are not alone and are part of a global Church family – an amazing source of hope, comfort and strength.

  • A gift of £20 could provide a Christmas present for a persecuted child to let them know that their church family loves them.
  • A gift of £8 could provide a Bible to a young Christian facing persecution to give them access to God’s Words of hope.

But what do I give my loved one?

If you send a Christmas gift we’ll send you a link to a downloadable certificate that you can print off and give as a present to your loved one. This certificate explains that you chose to send a gift to a young persecuted Christian on their behalf. Simples!

Send your Christmas gift by filling out the form now…

In the event that more funds are raised than our children’s projects can use at this time, they will be used to support persecuted Christians where the need is greatest.

Send a gift this Christmas!

towards a gift of hope this Christmas

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.