Isolated Church: Week Nine – Summary

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Week nine: Summary…

“In Laos there are two seasons: sunny and rainy. Robust trees thrive in both seasons. Our church is the same as a robust tree. It thrives in the sun and it thrives in the rain, and more importantly, it gives shade to others – whether it be from the heat or from the downpour.”
Pastor Dok – Laos

Thank you for being one of hundreds of people who has used our Isolated Church reflections and videos. As lockdown restrictions begin to be eased, we’re no longer releasing new devotions every week, but we’re still regularly posting up resources, articles, stories and more on the website and on our social feeds, so do keep checking them out.

We pray that you’ve been challenged to grow with God during the lockdown. We pray that you’ve been moved by the example of persecuted Christians like Pastor Dok and have learnt to thrive in good times and bad.

Before we go, we’ve created a final summary reflection video and poster you can download below. The poster features some key quotes and lessons from each of the past eight weeks. Download it, print if off and stick it up somewhere to help you remember to keep growing with God, no matter what you face.

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Week Nine: Summary poster download…

Download this little poster to help you remember some of the key quotes and lessons that we’ve learnt during this Isolated Church series. Print it off and stick it up on your wall to help you stay inspired and challenged by your persecuted family as the lockdown eases.

Download the Isolated Church summary…

Download the ‘Isolated Church – Summary’ video reflection…

What you can do now…

While the lockdown restrictions are easing for us – where maybe the sense of fear, anxiety, uncertainty and isolation is lifting – please remember that our persecuted family face these emotions on a daily basis – lockdown or not. As you’ll have read and seen, there are many whose choice to follow Jesus brings all kinds of pressures, lack and loss, and we want to continue to stand with them – and we’d love you to join us. Here’s some simple things you can do to stay connected:

Finally, don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the Isolated Church series. Give us your feedback here:

That’s it for this week. Thanks for checking out the resource. We hope you’ve found it useful, challenging and inspiring. Let us know what you think and tell us any things you’d like us to cover in future weeks too. Drop us a line at – we’d love to hear from you.

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