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    Among the ashes

    New film exploring how lament and times of struggle can help us encounter God in fresh, powerful ways...
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China: One night, one million Bibles

Forty years ago, in June 1981, one million Bibles were delivered to local Christians on a beach in China by a team from Open Doors. That was impressive, but what happened over the next five years is amazing...

Video: Forgiveness

Check out this incredible story of forgiveness from Jeovani, a teenager from Central African Republic who lost both his legs in a bomb attack on his church...



Iran 101

Despite intense persecutions over hundreds of years, should we really be surprised the church in Iran is still growing?

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God will never leave us

New video. Home raided, Dad arrested. Threatened and spied on. Watch Farah's story and send her a message of hope now...

Iran: 'When you walk through the fire'

Saghar managed to escape the secret police, who wanted to arrest her for leadng a house church. Read her incredible story of brave faith...

'I was 20, and I was arrested'

Watch Mojtaba from Iran share his incredible story of how God used him to share about Jesus even in an Iranian prison...

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.