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    Video: Worth it to walk with Jesus

    “My eyes were closed in prayer, and I saw a light coming towards me - I felt that someone had opened my eyes.” Mohan shares his story in this new video...

70 years of persecution. 70 years of brave faith.

As China celebrates 70 years of Communist party rule, we interview a staff member from Open Doors China to see how God has moved despite persecution...

10 minute study: God can change you!

If God can change and miraculously use a drug smuggling teenager from Colombia, don’t be surprised to hear that God can definitely change you and use you too...



Prayer vid series...

Six, short simple prayer based reflections by 24/7 Prayer founder, Pete Greig...


10 minute study: God has a plan for you!

Get inspired by Rebecca from Indonesia, who was arrested for sharing about Jesus, but planted a church in prison...

Looking for authentic faith?

Look beyond the fake news, influencers and memes to find a real, true expression of faith and love...

What if the Bible could be found in your head?

Why do Christians in some countries memorise whole chunks of God's Word? Watch this...

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