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    Is your social networking not working?

    What do all our updates, posts and tweets add up to? How can we start a real revolution?

It's supposed to hurt

48 hours offline. See how Rebecca coped and find out why you should do the same...

48 hours offline: How to cope

Some top tips to help you spend a few days in digital silence...


Embarressed about your faith? Learn from disciple Peter, who went on to lead the Church...
Study Series


"We’re not afraid to die… What we’re afraid of is a life without faith..." 10 minute study with video!



Thriving at university

Tasha gives some top tips on how to thrive through your student years!


Keep sharing

Four teenage girls from Ethiopia get passionate about sharing Jesus (semi-spoiler: they go to prison and keep sharing!)...
News / Thoughts

Video: Wake up!

Check out our powerful vid to see the reality facing Christians imprisoned for their faith...

How to get a Bible into an Iranian prison

Mojtaba was imprisoned for 3 years for leading a house church. So, how did he distribute Bibles inside prison?

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.