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    A day delivering Bibles

    Meet Ramy from Iraq who spends his days delivering God's Word, helping the church rebuild with Jesus at the centre...


When Manga survived an attack by extremists he was left with severe scars. But he's turned those scars into a sign of God's love and grace...

Rebuilding in the ashes

Watch and see how Pastor Andrew and his community have rebuilt and grown since a devastating attack...




Watch Soy's incredible story of brave faith and work through this quick reflection to challenge yourself to put what God thinks of you above all else...


Where they say the cross is a curse...

Watch Timothy explain how he escaped from North Korea and found Jesus, despite growing up being taught that the cross is a curse...
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China: Pastor Timothy's incredible brave faith

“God is always with us, so we are not afraid of anything" - Standing up to prison guards and seeing a fellow inmate healed. Meet the courageous Pastor Timothy...
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North Korea: Not on bread alone

Despite facing hunger and forced labour, Bae knows God's love is enough. Read about her incredible story and get an insight into the secret church in North Korea!

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.