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    Turning a pit into a pulpit: Lessons on isolation

    "I had no Bible, no pulpit, no audience, no pen and paper. I could do nothing. Nothing except get to know God."

Coronavirus: Seven lessons from our persecuted family

Seven lessons from the persecuted church about coping during times of uncertainty. Essential 10 minute read!

How to cope with a lockdown...

Five tips on doing isolation and distancing well from nine Chinese pastors who were imprisoned for their faith in Jesus...



From fear to faith

"Let this prison become a church". See how many Christians like Hannah from North Korea courageously follow Jesus despite the risks...


Did Jesus really mean that?

Jesus didn't really mean that he came to split up families and cause division, did he?

Worth it to walk with Jesus

“My eyes were closed in prayer, and I saw a light coming towards me - I felt that someone had opened my eyes.” Mohan shares his story in this new video...

What if the Bible could be found in your head?

Why do Christians in some countries memorise whole chunks of God's Word? Watch this...

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.