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    The wait

    Do you embrace the wait for Christmas or wish you could open all your presents now?
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Central Asia: A glimpse of a secret church

See how one church is reaching children and young people, even when sharing about Jesus to those under 16 is illegal...

Why would you choose to lose?

We all love winning, right? So, why would you ever choose to lose? Find out why some give knowingly give it all...



Pray when it hurts...

How do you love someone who hates you? How can you pray for someone who persecutes you? Watch this vid for a hefty challenge...


Having guts: Brother Andrew

"We ought to become people of guts, courage and conviction". Meet the legend who founded Open Doors...

Persecution: Can it lead to good?

Violence, intimidation, bullying, pain and death. Can these things ever lead to good? Check out this five minute read...

What 13 years in prison for Jesus can teach you

"I... had nothing to do inside but pray and pray and pray that everyone would believe and accept Jesus."

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.