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August activities: Week four – Speak to your friends and family

August 24, 2020

At the start of August we posted out to you a series of postcards with a challenge to do each week during August. We’re now at our final week, and we want you to do something amazing – to choose to lose something you love to stand with those who have lost everything because of their love of Jesus.

Week four: Speak to your friends and family

God has given you talents, skills and passions to be used for Him. What do you love? Football, your phone, dancing, X-Box, eating, reading, gaming, cooking, running, YouTube, baking, swimming, skating, music? What is it for you?

It might seem weird calling these things talents. You might think,  ‘It’s just something I can do, no big deal.’ But to someone else, your passion could be an inspiration. The guy who started Open Doors, Brother Andrew, began smuggling Bibles by recognising a need and doing what he could to meet that need. It’s was just something he did, but he’s changed millions of lives through his actions.

Could you use your talents and passions to help raise awareness and money for God’s global church? Many people do not know that Christians are persecuted for their faith. You could help others learn. You could help change the lives of our persecuted family.


Sign-up to Blackout and get sponsored to lose what you love.
Persecuted Christians often have to give up everything to follow Jesus: their families, homes, jobs, friends, freedoms and, sometimes, even their lives. Could you give up something you love for a weekend and ask people to sponsor you, raising much-needed funds for our persecuted church family? Every year we run Blackout, challenging young people and youth groups to raise money together for persecuted Christians.


  • List the things you love and thank God for them now.
  • Then ask God how you can use these things you love to raise awareness and money for the persecuted church.
  • Sign up for Blackout here, and we’ll email you a graphic you can post on social media – tagging three friends  challenging them to get involved in Blackout too.
  • Set yourselves a fundraising target, or compete to see who can raise the most!

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.