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Bangladesh: Land taken, village attacked

November 30, 2020

Have you ever had something stolen from you? Maybe your mobile phone, wallet or even a bike? You probably felt angry, frustrated, or even afraid.

Now imagine how it must feel to have your home, land, livelihood stolen. And to know who did it!

This is the situation that Jaspar Amalrang, a Christian from northeast Bangladesh, has found himself in over the last year.

Stolen land

A Muslim man named Rafiq Miah has used fake documentations to illegally take five acres of Jaspar’s land, where he grew and harvested betel leaves, a delicacy in Bangladesh. Rafiq harvested all the leaves, sold the crop and kept the profit for himself.

Those betel leaves have been Jaspar’s source of income. He took the issue to the authorities – and won the legal battle. The magistrate and police officers issued an eviction order on 9 November for the illegal tenants to move off the land. The authorities then handed the land back to Jaspar. Good news. But, the resolution didn’t last long.

Village attacked

That same afternoon, Rafiq Miah marched into Jaspar’s village, along with a mob of around 60 people. The mob attacked the Christian population of the village. Homes were destroyed and shops and churches were raided. Many were injured during the attack, with one person badly wounded.

The Christians in the village are currently feeling helpless, fearful and unsure of what to do. A lot of them are worried that there will be another attack as Rafiq is still very angry. Pray for the villagers, as well as Jasper, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

Photo from local newspaper (newspaperlink)

Prayer now…

  • For the safety and protection of the believers in the village. Rafiq might attack again when the authorities are no longer patrolling.
  • For the local authorities – that they will take strong action against Rafiq so that he will not attack these villagers again.
  • For Jaspar Amalrang’s healing from cancer. Pray for his overall safety and wellbeing.

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