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Bangladesh: Sacked because of a t-shirt

November 22, 2021

As a minority in Bangladesh, Christians are very vulnerable to persecution. The country is number 31 on the World Watch List, meaning Christians experience very high levels of persecution. But, with your help and prayers, Open Doors local partners are coming alongside Christians to provide support – reminding them that they are not alone.

Jobayer’s fave t-shirt

Imagine that wearing one of your favourite t-shirts led to you being threatened and even losing your job. This is exactly what recently happened to 24-year-old Jobayer, a believer from Bangladesh who Open Doors local partners are coming alongside to support.

Jobayer – a distributor and seller of electrical materials and mobile phone parts – came to know Jesus through his parents, who are evangelists. During a youth event organised by Open Doors local partners, Jobayer was given a t-shirt with the words “Therefore go…” written on it. He loved wearing it and made the bold decision to wear it to work.

His colleague, Ramzan, noticed the t-shirt and asked him what the words meant. “We, as followers of Jesus Christ, are commanded to go all over the world and tell the good news of the gospel, and baptise them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” answered Jobayer. “As a Christian, it is our responsibility to share the gospel.”

‘I will kill you’

This shocked Ramzan, who didn’t know of his colleague’s Christian faith. He acted normally and went about his work, until one evening he cornered Jobayer and told him to renounce his faith and return to Islam. Jobayer bravely refused. Ramzan then reached for a knife. “If you do not return to Islam, I will kill you,” he threatened.

“I did not realise that Ramzan would do such thing to me,” shares Jobayer. “All day long he was acting nice around me. That night I saw his anger that he had towards me and Christian people. I was praying for Jesus Christ to save me from him. That’s when he (Ramzan) left me there.”

Hounded out by colleagues

The next day, Jobayer was too afraid to return to work. Around noon, he received a phone call from his office requesting him to come in. He arrived to discover all staff gathered waiting for him. They interrogated Jobayer, asking him why he converted, and how much money he had received for it. Jobayer said he wasn’t paid to become a Christian and, with remarkable courage, publicly declared his faith in Jesus.

This further angered his boss and colleagues, who mocked, slapped and hit Jobayer, before hounding him out of the building and telling him he was no longer welcome. Jobayer was devastated, as it left him unable to support his family. He is fearful that his former colleagues will come after him again, or target his family.

Open Doors local partners are praying with Jobayer, and seeking ways to support him and his family during this distressing time.

Pray now…

  • Give thanks for the way Open Doors local partners can come alongside persecuted believers in Bangladesh
  • For the provision of all practical, spiritual and emotional needs for Jobayer and his family
  • That those who have persecuted and targeted Jobayer and his family will come to know Jesus.

Act now…

1. Start a journey of Brave faith. Get our free Brave Faith journal and get inspired to grow your faith in Jesus and learn from persecuted Christians.

2. Take on the Choose to Lose Challenge and get sponsored to give up something you love for a short time to raise money and prayer for those who have lost much because of their faith in Jesus. Sign up to get a free pack.

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