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Cameroon: Help delivered to believers in most dangerous areas

December 7, 2020

Book Haram are an extremists Islamic militia that have been targeting Christians in northern Nigeria. Now, the group are also terrorising villages of Christians in neighbouring northern Cameroon. In the few months Open Doors partners undertook the long and dangerous journey to deliver life-giving relief and aid to those affected.

Over 300 families from 15 villages gathered to receive the food items, sleeping mats, a bucket and cloth. Widows and church leaders also received cash support to help them meet their most urgent other needs. The attacks have meant many families have fled their homes, and are now finding greater safety in the surrounding mountains and hills.

Mariam, a widow lost her husband in one of the many attacks. She received support to help pay for her children’s school fees and to start a small business.

“Thank you for helping us. We have nothing at home anymore. Everything has been stolen from us,” said Issa. “We also thank you for your presence here, because it is not easy to come here.”

Another recipient, Halima said, “I want to thank everyone who helped us by bringing these items. I am sure that if they had not thought about us, no one would help us. So, I thank them for that. I am very happy,” she says before her face broke into a broad smile.

Image: A temporary home built in the mountains

Ask God to change their hearts

Many Christians who received our emergency aid asked us to pray for them, but also for their enemies.

“Please pray that God will help us regarding Boko Haram who continue to attack us. Also ask God to change their hearts because what they are doing is not good. So that they will change their lives,” says Halima.

Another believer named Amadou confirmed, “We pray that the Lord will bring all the enemies to faith, so that they will be part of us. Because I know that also the Apostle Paul persecuted the Christians.”

Pray now…

  • Thank the Lord for His provision and His protection of our partners throughout this delivery.
  • “The whole area is suffering. Please pray that God will strengthen our churches,” asks a pastor in the Far North.
  • “Please pray that God will give us the strength we had before, so we may continue running the race and may enjoy my eternal life with the Lord. Pray for us, that our faith may not falter,” begs a believer named Bernard.
  • “Please pray for our families, in the village life is hard. Pray that we do not lose faith. Things are hard for the young widows. Pray that they will not lose faith and that they put their trust in God who will help them raise their children,” asks Pierre, a church elder.
  • “Please ask the Lord to protect us from Boko Haram. They have caused us much suffering…” says Mary.
  • “Pray for our enemies, Boko Haram. Pray that the Lord will change the heart of our persecutors so that they may know Him as their only Savior,” asks another Christian from the Far North.

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